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BYTEDC Data Center: Bolstering Cambodia’s Digital Infrastructure with Tier 3 Data Protection

BYTEDC Data Center: Bolstering Cambodia’s Digital Infrastructure with Tier 3 Data Protection

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Located in the Phnom Penh City Center (PPCC), BYTEDC is emerging as a key player in enhancing Cambodia’s digital infrastructure. This Tier 3 data center is integral to supporting the country’s digital transformation and aligns with the government’s broader economic objectives.

While Cambodia currently does not enforce Data Localization Requirements, there’s a noticeable shift among businesses towards considering local data hosting. This trend is largely in response to anticipated changes in regulatory policies, particularly in critical sectors such as telecommunications and finance.

BYTEDC Aligning with Cambodia’s Digital Infrastructure Goals

Showing Cambodia Investment Review around the facility Sean Lew, Project Consultant Specialist at BYTEDC, highlighted the strategic importance of the data center, aligning with Cambodia’s developmental goals. “BYTEDC is a critical component of Cambodia’s vision to become an upper-middle-income country by 2030 and a high-income nation by 2050. Our strategic location and advanced infrastructure are instrumental in supporting the nation’s digital transformation initiatives,” Sean Liaw stated.

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The data center’s infrastructure, featuring dual substations and a dual feed system, guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, a critical factor for continuous operations. Sean Liaw emphasized the significance of these features, saying, “The reliability of our power supply and our dual-path fiber connectivity are fundamental in ensuring the high availability and resilience of our services.”

Internationally, BYTEDC plays a significant role in regional connectivity, leveraging advanced networking technologies. Sean Liaw commented on the international collaborations, stating, “Our involvement in international data center alliances is central to our strategy. It enhances our security posture and our ability to effectively address emerging cyber threats through collective intelligence and resource sharing.”

The Cambodia-Hong Kong submarine cable link project is a testament to BYTEDC’s commitment to enhancing regional connectivity. Lew expressed optimism about the project’s impact, noting, “Once operational, this cable link will be a game-changer, significantly improving our connectivity portfolio and empowering regional data exchange and technological integration.”

Data Security and Sovereignty in A Rapidly Evolving Digital World

BYTEDC’s facility, occupying 2,100 m2 with a data hall of 2,787 m2, is equipped to host over 1,000 high-density racks. Sean Liaw pointed out the meticulous planning involved, stating, “Our facility is designed with precision, focusing on operational efficiency and excellence. The elevated cooling systems and spacious high ceilings are a testament to our commitment to providing superior service.”

He also stressed the paramount importance of security at BYTEDC. “We employ a comprehensive security strategy that encompasses advanced fire protection systems, continuous surveillance, and robust access control measures. Our security infrastructure is designed to safeguard our clients’ data against all threats,” he asserted.

BYTEDC is set to play a transformative role in Cambodia’s digital ecosystem. As Sean Liaw succinctly put it, “BYTEDC is more than a data center; it’s a strategic asset driving Cambodia towards its ambitious 2030 and 2050 economic milestones, ensuring data security and sovereignty in a rapidly evolving digital world.”

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