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InterNations January Joke Fest Successfully Marks One-Year Anniversary of Fast-Growing Professional Group

InterNations January Joke Fest Successfully Marks One-Year Anniversary of Fast-Growing Professional Group

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The InterNations professional networking and social event held on January 27th at the Hub Street Cocktail Bar set the stage for a lively and laughter-filled evening, marking the one-year anniversary of the event organizer and InterNations ambassador, Tom Starkey.

In a unique twist to the usual networking events, InterNations collaborated with comedian David Benaim to present the January Joke Fest. The event, which featured a blend of comedy, camaraderie, and connections, proved to be a resounding success, attracting a vibrant mix of expats and local business professionals.

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InterNations collaborated with comedian David Benaim.

Tom Starkey, reflecting on the milestone, expressed his gratitude, stating, “The event was particularly special for me as it marks my one-year anniversary as an ambassador, as well as coinciding with my birthday. It’s been a fantastic year of connecting the Phnom Penh business and social community.”

“We now have over 700 prominent and active members on our telegram group, 2,000 on Facebook, and more than 11,000 on the Phnom Penh group on the InterNation’s platform, as well as a reach of a further 60,000 readers via our media partners. We will be growing and collaborating to further diversify and bring added value to our events for our members,” Tom told Cambodia Investment Review.

Tom added a thanks to all the business sponsors who supported the night, and special thanks to Cambooth for offering some fun photo experiences.

Tom gave a special mention to the following prizes and sponsors:

The January Joke Fest was the culmination of a series of successful events organized by Tom throughout 2023, with one event held every month. The consistency and commitment to hosting monthly gatherings have solidified InterNations as a focal point for networking and socializing within the expat and local business community in Phnom Penh.

InterNations Phnom Penh ambassador, Tom Starkey.

Looking ahead, Tom Starkey teased that the next venue promises to be equally exciting. Members will have the opportunity to vote on the date through the InterNations Telegram group, continuing the community engagement approach that has been a hallmark of the monthly events.

The success of the January Joke Fest not only celebrated the achievements of the past year but also set a positive tone for the upcoming events in 2024, reinforcing InterNations as a dynamic platform for fostering connections, laughter, and collaboration within the business community of Phnom Penh.

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