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iDE Cambodia and SHE Investments Join Forces to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

iDE Cambodia and SHE Investments Join Forces to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

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In a significant stride towards fostering inclusive market development and bolstering support for women entrepreneurs, iDE, a globally recognized nonprofit, has announced a strategic integration with SHE Investments. This partnership is set to magnify the scope and impact of business incubator and accelerator programs tailored for women in Cambodia. The integration, effective as of January 1, 2024, saw SHE Investments becoming a part of iDE Cambodia, marking a milestone in their shared mission to champion women-led businesses as key drivers of economic growth and community well-being.

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Kevin Robbins, the Country Director of iDE Cambodia, articulated the resonance in the vision and objectives of the two organizations, emphasizing that this union was a natural progression towards amplifying support for women entrepreneurs. “We are delighted to welcome SHE within the iDE umbrella. SHE has a strong and well-deserved reputation for delivering high-impact incubator and accelerator programs,” Robbins stated.

He underscored the pivotal role of women-led enterprises in generating employment, uplifting living standards, and fostering inclusive economic expansion. However, he also acknowledged the myriad of challenges that women entrepreneurs face, ranging from securing appropriate and affordable financing to accessing technology and support services.

Women Entrepreneurs Can Thrive & Effectuate Positive Change

The collaboration is poised to address these challenges head-on, reinforcing the commitment to nurturing an environment where women entrepreneurs can thrive and effectuate positive change. Robbins added, “By focusing on women entrepreneurs, iDE and SHE can empower whole communities, boosting prosperity and wellbeing.”

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He highlighted the ripple effect of women’s economic empowerment, noting the propensity of women to reinvest their earnings into the health and education of their children, thereby sowing the seeds for a brighter, more prosperous future.

SHE Investments host workshop in Cambodia for business women.

SHE Investments, renowned for its impactful and women-centric methodologies, has carved out a commendable reputation in nurturing women-led businesses in Cambodia. Celia Boyd, SHE’s co-founder, expressed her enthusiasm about the integration, noting the profound impact of their work over the past decade. “We are endlessly proud and grateful for the many people and partners who have been a part of SHE’s journey,” Boyd remarked.

She lauded the dedication and spirit of the Cambodian women entrepreneurs they’ve collaborated with and voiced her optimism about the future under the partnership with iDE. “We cannot think of a better partner to scale this impact further than iDE,” she affirmed.

The Synergy & Shared Vision Of The Two Organizations

In the wake of this integration, SHE has transitioned its base to iDE’s offices in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, signaling a new chapter in its journey. The partnership is also marked by a branding evolution, with SHE’s identity now encompassing the tagline “powered by iDE,” symbolizing the synergy and shared vision of the two organizations.

This strategic alignment between iDE Cambodia and SHE Investments heralds a promising era for women’s entrepreneurship in Cambodia. By pooling their resources, expertise, and networks, the partnership is geared to foster an ecosystem that not only nurtures women-led businesses but also amplifies their role as catalysts of community transformation and economic growth.

As this collaboration unfolds, it’s poised to set a benchmark for gender-focused business support initiatives, driving tangible, lasting change across Cambodia’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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