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Explainer: Jobs in Cambodia The Challenges and Opportunities in 2024

Explainer: Jobs in Cambodia The Challenges and Opportunities in 2024

Cambodia Investment Review

The topic of jobs in Cambodia falls under an ever-evolving landscape of the Kingdom’s job market, with the year 2023 laying new foundations for growth and transformation. Driven by economic expansion, foreign investment, and sectoral development, the employment sector witnessed a surge in opportunities across various industries. 

As we transition into 2024, professionals seeking middle to upper-level positions are met with a complex interplay of challenges and opportunities. This extensive article aims to delve into the current state of the Cambodian job market, outline projections for the future, and provide in-depth insights derived from recent industry events, offering a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted dynamics of job in Cambodia, the opportunities and challenges.

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What were the recent trends regarding jobs in Cambodia?

In 2023, the Cambodian job market demonstrated resilience and growth, propelled by several factors that shaped its trajectory. A consistent upward trend in economic growth was evident, fueled by the expansion of key sectors such as garments, tourism, construction, technology, and finance. Despite these positive indicators, the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic persisted, disrupting growth and creating an environment of recovery. The employment landscape, particularly for middle to upper-level positions, was characterized by a notable talent shortage, reflecting a gap between the demand for skilled professionals and the available pool of qualified candidates.

What are the 2024 projections for jobs in Cambodia?

The year 2024 holds promises and challenges that will continue to mold the Cambodian job market. A careful examination of economic and geopolitical factors reveals potential scenarios that could shape the employment landscape:

Global Economic Recovery: Should the global economy continue its recovery from the pandemic and maintain stable trade relations, Cambodia’s growth sectors could witness further expansion. This, in turn, may lead to increased job creation, especially in middle to upper-level positions.

FDI Trends: The trajectory of foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly if it diversifies beyond China, stands as a crucial factor influencing the job market. Continued foreign investment has the potential to positively impact various industries, expanding sectors and creating a demand for a skilled workforce.

Regional Integration: Cambodia’s role in the ASEAN Economic Community could foster enhanced trade and investment opportunities. This regional integration may contribute to the creation of more upper-level job openings, presenting opportunities for professionals seeking career advancements.

Sectoral growth is also anticipated to play a pivotal role in job creation and diversification:

Diversification: Efforts to diversify the economy might result in job growth across sectors such as manufacturing, agribusiness, and technology. This diversification could open new avenues for professionals seeking roles in emerging industries.

Sustainable Development: An increased focus on sustainable practices may lead to job creation in environmental management, green technology, and the renewable energy sector. This aligns with global trends and offers opportunities for professionals passionate about sustainable development.

Talent development strategies are expected to address the existing gap between demand and supply of skilled professionals:

Education and Training: There may be a heightened emphasis on improving education and vocational training programs to address the talent shortage. Equipping the workforce with the necessary skills for higher-level positions becomes imperative for sustained economic growth.

Return of Talent: As the job market expands, incentives for Cambodian professionals who have studied or worked abroad may increase. Encouraging the return of talent could fill high-skill roles and contribute to the overall development of the economy.

What are the industry insights concerning jobs in Cambodia?

Recent industry events in Phnom Penh, particularly the “Industry Views & Outlook 2024” seminar held in January, provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by various sectors regarding jobs in Cambodia and the market. The seminar emphasized the need for strategic planning and innovative solutions to overcome talent acquisition and retention barriers in Cambodia’s evolving business landscape.

What are the key cross-sector challenges facing job market in Cambodia? 

The key challenges are as follows:

  • B2B Sales: Professionals transitioning between unrelated industries faced challenges, leading to a reduced talent pool. Companies were encouraged to broaden their acceptance of diverse industry experiences to mitigate this challenge.
  • B2C Marketing: Increased demand resulted in counteroffers and escalated salaries, creating a highly competitive market for skilled marketers. Businesses were pressured to offer more attractive compensation packages to secure top talent.
  • Engineering: Engineering firms reported a talent shortfall, exacerbated by candidates’ lack of language skills and the necessity for specialized equipment and industry knowledge. This emphasized the need for improved educational and training programs to address industry-specific challenges.
  • IT: IT departments grappled with high salary expectations and lower capabilities, leading to unfilled positions. The industry was advised to consider looking beyond national borders for skilled talent to fill these gaps.
  • Human Resources (HR): HR sectors faced selectivity among candidates regarding office environment and location, suggesting that workspace quality is a significant factor in attracting HR professionals.
  • Accounting and Finance: Discrepancies between the system capabilities and technical skills of candidates and the requirements of large or international firms indicated a need for enhanced professional development.
  • B2C Sales: Concerns regarding the actual sales capabilities of candidates, with many lacking the necessary drive or track record to meet and surpass targets. This calls for more rigorous assessment methods during the hiring process.
  • Banking & Financial Services: Unique challenges due to higher costs associated with acquiring talent from competitor banks, highlighting sector-specific dynamics.
  • Administration: A trend of candidates wanting to move away from administration towards HR or Finance, reflecting a potential perception issue or a lack of clear career progression paths in administrative roles.

What is the current expected time of placement regarding a job in Cambodia?

Industry information highlighted the average duration of 2 to 3 months from vacancy opening to candidate placement, indicating prolonged recruitment cycles. 

Meanwhile, salary trends indicated a substantial 20% to 30% increase requested by candidates, with clients increasing pay by 10% to 18%.

Ultimately, findings within the jobs in Cambodia market see the need for strategic planning and innovative solutions to overcome talent acquisition and retention barriers in the evolving business landscape.

What is a persistent issue within the Cambodian job market?

A persistent issue has been the mismatch between job vacancies and candidate availability in Cambodia’s job market. A recent study highlighted significant gaps in various sectors for the year 2023, revealing insights into the employment dynamics:

  • B2B Sales, B2C Marketing, and Engineering Sectors: Higher percentage of job vacancies compared to the availability of candidates. This indicates a strong demand for professionals that is not being met by the current job-seeker pool.
  • IT and HR Sectors: Exhibited a greater number of vacancies than available candidates, emphasizing a critical shortage of qualified professionals in these areas. The IT sector, in particular, appears to be experiencing a substantial gap, indicating a potentially severe shortage of tech talent.
  • Accounting & Finance Roles: Displayed a somewhat balanced scenario between vacancies and candidate availability, suggesting that the supply of professionals in this field may be meeting the demand more closely than in other sectors.
  • B2C Sales, Banking & Financial Services, and Administration Sectors: Showed a higher percentage of available candidates compared to the number of job vacancies. This indicates an oversupply of professionals in these fields, which could lead to increased competition for jobs and potentially lower

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