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Cambodia Leadership Review 2024: 50 International Voices Shaping the Business Landscape

Cambodia Leadership Review 2024: 50 International Voices Shaping the Business Landscape

Cambodia Investment Review

The Cambodia Leadership Review has launched its inaugural issue, spotlighting 50 influential ‘voices’ leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s business, investment and social fabric, and underscoring the global significance of Cambodia and its role in the international community.

The publication is a strategic collaboration with the International Business Chamber of Cambodia (IBC) and Cambodia Investment Review (CIR), and aims to recognize and amplify the impact of individuals and their actions within the media space of organizations, transcending the traditional role of corporate communications.

The 50 International Voices draws on local expertise and industry intelligence to handpick a diverse collection of experienced leaders, rising stars, disruptors and policymakers. This carefully curated selection includes resident personalities and thought leaders shaping Cambodia’s current professional environment, reflecting the dynamic nature of the young nation’s progress.

Featured Profiles & Exclusive Interviews

Highlights of the first Cambodia Leadership Review include a featured profile with Joint Asian Development Enterprises director, Paul Clements, and an in-depth, exclusive interview with Michael Tan, CEO at Aquarii BD Cambodia, both of whom appear in the 50 Voices list.

Paul Clements expressed his honour at being included in the list and being able to provide his unique perspectives on the current economic climate. “Cambodia has been a leader in ASEAN with regards to GDP growth and an attractive Investment Policy, so expect Cambodia to continue to attract International FDI,” he said.

“With a country that has a young population, plenty of land and water, opportunities continue to exist, and this has been evident over the past 10 years,” he added.

Cambodia Leadership Review 2024.

The Review also sheds light on Michael Tan and his Aquarii BD platform, who emphasized the practical aspects of his role in attracting overseas investment. ”By aggregating the relevant expertise, insight, resource and connection of various partners in our diverse network of contacts in government, business and development circles, we can handle enquiries and requests across multiple sectoral interests and projects,” explained Michael.

The Cambodia Leadership Review believes in the pivotal role of individuals in shaping the narrative. Selection for the 50 Voices list is based solely on merit, reflecting the commitment to recognizing talent and influence across all sectors. The platform seeks to identify those individuals who possess ‘reference value’ and a substantial ‘brand footprint,’ making them stand out as key figures within their respective fields.

Individuals Shaping Cambodia’s Trajectory

The Review also provides readers with a deeper understanding of the individuals shaping Cambodia’s trajectory, showcasing their achievements, capacities, and the impact of their work on the nation’s development, and providing valuable commentary on the local business and investment ecosystem.

The publication emphasizes the increasing importance of personal brand and reputation in an era where audiences seek authenticity and reality-based content, and individual voices are emerging as powerful tools in achieving organizational goals. Social media platforms such as Telegram, TikTok, and LinkedIn now rival traditional avenues like conferences, serving as platforms for thought leadership and policy diffusion.

To download your free copy of the Cambodia Leadership Review 2024, click here.

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