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Foster + Partners Announces Construction Update on New Phnom Penh Airport – Slated for 2025 Opening (Video)

Foster + Partners Announces Construction Update on New Phnom Penh Airport – Slated for 2025 Opening (Video)

Cambodia Investment Review

Foster + Partners, the British based – international architectural firm, have updated the public on the ongoing construction of the Techo Takhmao International Airport near Phnom Penh. Slated to open in 2025, this avant-garde project is unfolding in three strategic phases, set to redefine Cambodia’s aviation landscape.

The ambitious airport, with a Phase 1 budget of US$1.5 billion excluding land costs, is on track for early 2025 operations. This initial stage will cater to 13 million passengers yearly. The subsequent phases will escalate this capacity to 30 million in Phase 2 and 50 million in Phase 3. Currently, 42% of the project is complete, with an investment of US$600 million already in place.

Project Includes Significant Infrastructural Developments

A major infrastructural component accompanying the airport is a planned 60-meter wide and 13.5-kilometer long road, connecting Hun Sen Boulevard via National Road 2 directly to the airport. This road will play a crucial role in facilitating efficient and smooth access to the airport.

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Furthermore, there are discussions about a proposed light rail system, which would connect Phnom Penh with the airport. This move towards sustainable urban mobility is expected to ease traffic congestion and provide an eco-friendly transit option for the airport.

Foster + Partners Techo Takhmao International Airport Artists Impression Completion.

The Techo Takhmao International Airport, with its comprehensive facilities and three runways, is a significant step forward in Cambodia’s aviation sector. Foster + Partners’ design is a fusion of cultural respect and modern functionality. The airport is not just a travel hub; it is a manifestation of Cambodia’s rich cultural legacy, presented in a modern context.

Stefan Behling, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, highlighted the importance of the project, saying, “An airport is amongst the most important of public buildings, reflecting its symbolic status as the gateway to a city and its crucial role in the globalized economy. The new Techo International Airport will be an important part of Phnom Penh’s continued development as the nation’s primary inter-regional, inter-modal transport hub.”

Aspiring To Be One Of The Greenest Airports Globally

This project’s sustainability aspect is noteworthy. Aspiring to be one of the greenest airports globally, the design marries advanced technology with local craftsmanship. The use of solar energy and incorporation of green spaces within the terminal are central to this environmental vision.

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Nikolai Malsch, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners, elaborated on the cultural significance of the design, “Inspired by Cambodia’s history and built heritage, the terminal’s design stands as a modern embodiment of Cambodian culture. The Terminal roof is an expression of lightness and inherent modularity, serving as a symbolic gateway for every traveler’s journey.”

As the Techo Takhmao International Airport nears the completion of its first phase, it exemplifies Cambodia’s aspirations for development and progress. The airport, beyond boosting the economy through enhanced tourism and trade, is poised to enhance connectivity within Southeast Asia and globally. The strategic location of Phnom Penh, combined with the airport’s vast capacity, positions Cambodia as a pivotal player in regional and international air travel.

This project, with its grandeur and visionary approach, is set to become a landmark in Cambodia, symbolizing the nation’s potential and ambition in the global landscape.

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