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Archetype Cambodia: Two Decades of Pioneering Construction Consultancy

Archetype Cambodia: Two Decades of Pioneering Construction Consultancy

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Archetype Cambodia, a prominent branch of the Archetype Group, has solidified its position as a leader in the construction consultancy arena. Established in 2003, following the foundation of its parent company in Vietnam in 2002, Archetype Cambodia has been instrumental in redefining the architectural and construction landscape in Cambodia and beyond.

The anniversary event, hosted at the French Embassy in Phnom Penh, was more than a celebration. It was a testament to the company’s journey, marked by innovation and excellence. The gathering of 280 attendees, including industry experts, clients, partners, and collaborators, along with Archetype Group Co-Founders Pierre-Jean Malgouyres (CEO) and François Magnier (Chairman), underscored the company’s influence and standing in the industry.

Pursuit Of Innovation And Commitment To Excellence

Jean-François Chevance, the founding architect, instilled a vision of excellence and innovation. His legacy, continued by Hervé Boone and currently Michel Cassagnes, has positioned Archetype Cambodia as a global leader in multi-disciplinary construction consultancy. The firm’s expertise spans Architecture & Master Planning, Industrial & Process Engineering, Building Engineering, and Project & Cost Management. With over 140 projects in Cambodia, their portfolio showcases versatility, ranging from upscale hospitality and mixed-use high-rises to educational and healthcare facilities, and cutting-edge industrial projects.

Archetype Cambodia 20 Year Celebration on November 23, 2023.

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Pierre-Jean Malgouyres, CEO of Archetype Group, in his address, highlighted the importance of innovation in their success. “As we look back on our 20 years, it’s clear that our relentless pursuit of innovation and our commitment to excellence have been key to our growth and success. We are excited to continue this journey, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in construction consultancy.”

The company’s new brand identity, introduced at the event, reflects a strategic move towards a more client-centric approach, ensuring that the unique needs and demands of each project are met with precision and creativity. This approach is evident in Archetype’s three specialized divisions:

  1. Archetype Reality: Focused on real estate and hospitality, this division brings top-tier services to developers, constructors, and brands in sectors like hospitality, high-rise mixed-use, commercial, retail, and healthcare.
  2. Archetype Industry: Serving prominent companies in industry and manufacturing, this division excels in catering to the intricate demands of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, chemicals, and advanced technologies.
  3. Archetype _y: A new integrated studio that blends feasibility with creativity, delivering cutting-edge experiences that align with or surpass client ambitions.

Dedication To Sustainable Development in Cambodia

François Magnier, Chairman, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainable development. “Our commitment to sustainable practices is not just a part of our business strategy; it’s a part of our identity. We are dedicated to building a future that is environmentally responsible and beneficial for communities.”

Archetype’s commitment to green building design and its collaboration with public and private organizations like the European Chamber of Commerce and the French Chamber of Commerce, further solidify its role as a responsible and forward-thinking company. Their pursuit of LEED certification for the Cambodian office by 2024 exemplifies their dedication to sustainable practices.

Archetype Cambodia 20 Year Celebration on November 23, 2023.

Archetype Cambodia’s 20th anniversary is not just a celebration of past achievements but a harbinger of future innovations and contributions to the construction consultancy sector. With its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, Archetype continues to shape the future of construction, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and society.

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