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Cambodia Strengthens Fintech Presence at Singapore Fintech Festival Ahead of Camtech Summit 2023

Cambodia Strengthens Fintech Presence at Singapore Fintech Festival Ahead of Camtech Summit 2023

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In a strategic move to bolster its position in the global fintech landscape, Cambodia, under the leadership of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival, a precursor to the much-anticipated Camtech Summit. The delegation, featuring high-level officials and leaders from Cambodia’s top financial institutions, aimed to explore the latest in fintech advancements and establish international collaborations.

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The delegation included representatives from NBC, ABA Bank, ACLEDA, Phillip Bank, the Cambodia Internet Startup Association (CISA), and the CamTech Summit organizer, the Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology (CAFT). Their agenda focused on delving into innovative fintech solutions and fostering cross-border partnerships.

Delegation Engaged with Prominent Technology Companies

During the visit, the Cambodian delegation engaged with prominent technology companies, including: TikTok, Visa, Liquid Group, Huawei Cloud, Momentum Works, Tiger Brokers SG, Hehe Technology, SEA Money, Green Link Bank, Delivery Chinatown, Wormwood, and AWS. These interactions provided insights into emerging financial technology trends, positioning Cambodia to align its finance and technology sectors with global developments.

2023 Singapore FinTech Festival.

A key accomplishment of the visit was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the National Bank of Cambodia and Alipay. This agreement is set to enhance the efficiency and security of cross-border QR code payment transactions, connecting Bakong’s network through KHQR codes with AliPay Connect’s global QR code acceptance network.

The participation in the Singapore Fintech Festival is integral to Cambodia’s overarching strategy for the Camtech Summit. The experiences gained and the connections made during this event are crucial for advancing Cambodia’s fintech initiatives in line with international trends.

A Promising Direction for Cambodia’s Fintech Sector

As the country gears up for the Camtech Summit on November 30, 2023, this engagement at the Singapore Fintech Festival signals a promising direction for Cambodia’s fintech sector. The strides made by the delegation are expected to significantly contribute to the innovation and growth of financial technology in Cambodia.

For additional information on the CamTech Summit 2023, interested individuals can visit or join the CAFT Telegram channel at

This initiative by the Cambodian delegation at the Singapore Fintech Festival represents a crucial step in integrating Cambodia into the global fintech conversation. With the upcoming Camtech Summit, the nation is poised to make significant advances in the realm of financial technology.

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