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OBOR Management Announces Strategic Partnership with CIM and Tanncam to Boost Financial Services in Cambodia

OBOR Management Announces Strategic Partnership with CIM and Tanncam to Boost Financial Services in Cambodia

Cambodia Investment Review

In a recent company announcement, OBOR Management, a key figure in Cambodia’s investment and advisory landscape, disclosed the acquisition of new strategic shareholders, Cambodia Investment Management (CIM) and Tanncam Investment Pte. This partnership, which involves a combined 40% stake by the new shareholders, is a strategic move by OBOR Management to strengthen its services and consolidate its market leadership in various financial sectors.

Since its establishment six years ago, OBOR Management has emerged as a formidable asset manager in Cambodia, boasting a diverse portfolio and notable success in its investment ventures. The company has been particularly adept at investing, managing, and exiting projects, achieving impressive annual internal rates of return (IRR) between 15% and 100% on certain investments. Leveraging this expertise, OBOR Management is now spearheading the launch of Cambodia’s first SME-focused regulated fund.

Offering Attractive Investment Avenues To Local Investors

This initiative is designed to address the financing needs of SMEs in Cambodia while offering attractive investment avenues to local investors. As the fund management sector is poised for launch, OBOR Management is looking to become a major player with innovative investment solutions for investors both at home and abroad.

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In addition to its fund management endeavors, OBOR is also expanding its corporate advisory services. The company has recently bolstered its executive team with seasoned professionals, aiming to assist Cambodian companies in implementing international standards in management, finance, and governance, and to aid in their capital-raising efforts.

Anthony Galliano, Group CEO of Cambodian Investment Management Holding.

The addition of CIM and Tanncam to OBOR’s portfolio is expected to significantly enhance the company’s fund management and consulting activities. As Cambodia’s financial sector continues to evolve, this partnership is poised to deliver innovative financial solutions, strategic advice, and improved client satisfaction levels.

Mr. Christophe Forsinetti, Chairman of OBOR Management, commented on the new partnership’s strategic importance. “The collaboration with CIM and Tanncam is a critical juncture in our strategic growth. This partnership is set to bring forth new synergies and opportunities, aligning with our mission to provide top-tier corporate finance and consulting services,” he stated.

Capital Markets Are Essential For Cambodia’s Next Growth Phase

Echoing these sentiments, representatives from CIM and Tanncam expressed their enthusiasm about the partnership. “With CIM’s 14-year presence in the Kingdom and Tanncam’s expertise, we are well-positioned to support Cambodia’s economic growth. The capital markets are essential for Cambodia’s next growth phase, and we believe OBOR Management will play a significant role in driving investment and confidence in these markets,” said Anthony Galliano, Group CEO of Cambodian Investment Management Holding.

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This strategic collaboration between OBOR Management, CIM, and Tanncam signifies a concerted effort to drive Cambodia’s financial growth, providing strategic financial solutions to local businesses and opening new investment opportunities for international investors.

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