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CBRE Cambodia Hosts Exclusive Event to Unveil the Office of the 21st Century: A Confluence of Work, Lifestyle, and ESG

CBRE Cambodia Hosts Exclusive Event to Unveil the Office of the 21st Century: A Confluence of Work, Lifestyle, and ESG

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CBRE Cambodia, a leader in the real estate sector, is hosting an exclusive event at ATOM titled “Unveiling the Office of the 21st Century: Shaping the Future of Work, Lifestyle, and ESG.” The event aims to illuminate the rapidly evolving nature of workplaces in the modern age, particularly focusing on the interplay of professional workspaces, lifestyle considerations, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors.

To reserve a spot, please visit CBRE Event Page.

Rapid Expansion in Office Space

Lawrence Lennon, CBRE Cambodia’s Managing Director, highlighted the rapid expansion of the Cambodian office market. “At breakneck speed, the office market went from 500,000 sqm in 2019 to 1 million sqm of supply today. Like many sectors domestically, we’re leapfrogging developmental stages and adopting forward-looking, flexible, and critically green buildings of tomorrow,” Lennon said.

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Lennon further explained the multi-faceted nature of modern offices, stating, “Offices of the 21st Century are a blend of lifestyle, technology, and collaborative spaces. They are just as much work-focused spaces as they are tools for hiring, retention, and meeting environmental goals.”

Event Highlights

The event will feature presentations and panel discussions from industry experts and innovators, who will delve into various aspects of the changing workplace.

  • The Future of Work: This segment will explore how modern workspaces are adapting to meet the needs of an evolving workforce. Topics will include the rise of remote and hybrid work models and the role of technology in fostering collaboration.
  • Lifestyle and the Workplace: A focus on employee well-being and work-life balance will be examined, looking at how contemporary offices are being designed to support these facets.
  • ESG in Real Estate: Panelists will shed light on the critical role that ESG principles are playing in the future of commercial real estate, including aspects like sustainable design, energy efficiency, and responsible business practices.

Industry Opinions

Several panelists weighed in on what they envision for the future of work and office spaces in Cambodia.

Chea Ty, Head of Sales at ULS, noted, “To attract more international companies, we must build to international standards, which includes prioritizing sustainability, ESG, AI technology, and future-proofing. That’s the office of the 21st Century for Cambodia and what new generations of Cambodians will aspire to be a part of.”

Te Vong Chhay, CEO of Parbury Investments, emphasized the need for rethinking the workplace due to shifts in technology and societal demands. “Effects of the pandemic and evolving technologies will require companies to rethink the workplace solution in response to stakeholders’ demand for environmental and social impacts,” he said.

Hun Chansan, Principal of Re: Edge Architecture, summed up the conversation on design ethos, stating, “Designing an office building is designing a relationship between people, the economy, and the environment that they are in. People excel when they fall in love with their workspace, which should be convenient while also socially and environmentally responsible.”

Future-Proofing the Workplace

CBRE Cambodia is excited to provide a platform for such pivotal discussions that align with their commitment to sustainability and employee well-being. The event is expected to offer invaluable insights for those interested in the emerging trends affecting the office of the 21st Century, as well as their broader implications for work, lifestyle, and ESG.

The event is set to feature engaging panel discussions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. To reserve a spot, please visit CBRE Event Page.

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