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Singapore Business Investment Forum Launches Sectorial Committees to Bolster Singapore-Cambodia Business Ties

Singapore Business Investment Forum Launches Sectorial Committees to Bolster Singapore-Cambodia Business Ties

Cambodia Investment Review

In a bid to fortify the business relations between Singapore and Cambodia, the Singapore Business Investment Forum (SBIF) has launched several new sectorial committees. Announced at a grand ceremony held at the Norea Cove showroom, the initiative aims to provide stronger representation and advocacy for Singaporean businesses operating in Cambodia.

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Albert Tan, President of SBIF, articulated the significance of the move: “The establishment of the sectorial committees is a testament to SBIF’s dedication to ensuring that every member, be it a large corporation or a small startup, has a voice and the support they need to thrive in Cambodia. These committees will play a critical role in addressing sector-specific challenges and opportunities, which will ultimately contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of Singaporean businesses here.”

Albert Tan, President of SBIF.

The new sectorial committees are designed to serve multiple purposes. They will enable more targeted discussions, foster closer ties among businesses in the same sector, and facilitate the creation of sector-specific strategies and initiatives. Furthermore, these committees are expected to provide a collaborative platform for businesses to collectively address challenges and opportunities—fostering innovative solutions and strengthening business ties between the two nations.

Diverse Sectorial Committees Unveiled

The sectorial committees launched by SBIF span a range of industries, indicating the Forum’s commitment to a diversified business landscape. The committees include:

  • Development and Construction
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Logistics, Transport, and Warehousing
  • Hospitality and F&B
  • Manufacturing and Sustainability
  • Education and IT/Cyber
  • Agriculture and Energy
  • Media, Advertising, and Event
  • General Trade

Bridging Gaps and Attracting Investors

SBIF continues to lay the groundwork for increased Singaporean business ventures in Cambodia by fostering ties with local stakeholders, other business chambers, and government agencies. “Our aim is to bridge the information gap and enhance Singapore’s branding presence in Cambodia. This is a strategic move to attract more investors, showcase the potential of Singaporean businesses, and swiftly adapt to Cambodia’s evolving business landscape,” stated an SBIF spokesperson.

The well attended event was hosted at ceremony held at the Norea Cove showroom in Phnom Penh.

The event also featured a highlight presentation by Mr. Gabriel Tan, Chief Communications Officer of Prince Holding Group, and Mr. Alva Chew, Founder of Stridec Worldwide. Serving as Co-Heads of the Media, Advertising, and Event Committee, the duo delved into the revolutionary realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), discussing its foundational concepts and practical applications. A live demonstration featuring ChatGPT was also part of the presentation, drawing attention to the role of technology in enhancing business collaborations.

For further information on the newly launched sectorial committees and other initiatives by SBIF, interested parties are encouraged to visit their official website at

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