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Phillip Trustee (Cambodia): Paving the Way in Cambodia’s Trust Market

Phillip Trustee (Cambodia): Paving the Way in Cambodia’s Trust Market

Cambodia Investment Review

In the rapidly growing landscape of Cambodia’s trust industry, Phillip Trustee (Cambodia) emerges as a cornerstone, offering a comprehensive suite of services that caters to individual and non-individual investors, as well as family trust administration. The company’s commitment revolves around safeguarding trustors and ensuring the secure and profitable management of assets, aligning meticulously with local and international compliance standards.

A spokesperson from Phillip Trustee (Cambodia) underscores the company’s dedication to the growth and sophistication of Cambodia’s trust market. “We are deeply invested in the growth and sophistication of Cambodia’s trust market. With our extensive experience and resources, we can guide investors through the complexities of the trust law, offering customized solutions for each unique situation.”

Tailored For Both Individual & Non-Individual Investors

Phillip Trustee (Cambodia)’s trust services are tailored for both individual and non-individual investors, coupled with family trust administration. The focus extends beyond trustor protection to meticulous management and distribution of assets according to the trustor’s terms and conditions. The company demonstrates flexibility by handling commercial trusts for various sectors and executing specific investments based on client requests. Furthermore, they offer avenues for social trusts, allowing trustors to establish trusts for charitable purposes.

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Trust Regulator of Cambodia’s high-profile study visit to Singapore on September 25-29, 2023.

Recent developments highlight Phillip Trustee (Cambodia)’s proactive stance in international collaboration. The company played host to a delegation engaged in high-level dialogues with Singapore’s financial powerhouses, including the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore Trustees Association (STA), and leading companies in the trust sector.

This visit, authorized by H.E. Akka Bandit Sapheacha Aun Pornmoniroth, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Chairman of the Non-Bank Financial Services Authority (NBFSA) (FSA), aimed to glean insights into Singapore’s well-established trust ecosystem. This exchange becomes particularly crucial as Cambodia seeks to expand and mature its own trust market governed by the comprehensive 2019 Trust Law, delineating legal frameworks for Commercial, Public, Social, and Individual trusts.

Showcase Emerging Opportunities In The Trust Market

The two-day visit served as a pivotal platform for Cambodia’s Trust Management to showcase emerging opportunities in its trust market. As Cambodia navigates the complexities of its financial sector, insights from the Singapore visit are deemed invaluable assets that will shape policy and attract foreign investment. Strategic collaborations, such as the one with Phillip Trustee (Cambodia) Co. Ltd, signify Cambodia’s commitment to adopting global best practices, setting a promising precedent for the future development of its trust sector.

This active engagement reflects the commitment of both Cambodia and Singapore to increased collaboration in the financial sector, showcasing proactive steps to cultivate a vibrant and secure trust market in Cambodia. The participation of experienced entities like Phillip Trustee (Cambodia) in facilitating such international engagements reaffirms Cambodia’s dedication to adopting global best practices, promising a bright future for its evolving trust sector.

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