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Cambodian Fintech Startup BanhJi Joins Forces with Google Workspace to Better Digitize MSMEs in the Kingdom

Cambodian Fintech Startup BanhJi Joins Forces with Google Workspace to Better Digitize MSMEs in the Kingdom

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Cambodian fintech startup BanhJi has entered into a strategic alliance with global tech giant Google Workspace to offer specialized bundles aimed at aiding micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Cambodia. Named the SME Kick-Starter Bundles, this joint initiative seeks to combine BanhJi’s financial services with Google Workspace’s suite of productivity tools. The collaboration aims to equip Cambodian businesses with essential digital tools, streamlining their operations and facilitating easier entry into digital marketplaces.

BanhJi, an inclusive FinTech startup based in Phnom Penh, has been on a mission to provide a comprehensive financial operating platform that is fully integrated with the payment and financing ecosystem. This makes them leading provider in the local market for financial technology, especially in serving MSMEs. The partnership is designed to bring this expertise to the next level by integrating Google Workspace, a productivity suite with more than 3 billion active users worldwide. Google Workspace offers an array of features that include a professional business Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Meet, among other applications.

Preferred Business and Financial Operating Platform for MSMEs In Cambodia

Founder and CEO of BanhJi FinTech, Mr. Chankiriroth Sim emphasized the significance of digitization for MSMEs, stating, “Digital transformation is vital for businesses looking to stay competitive. Aligned with the Cambodia Digital Economy and Society Policy Framework, BanhJi’s mission is to become the preferred business and financial operating platform for MSMEs in Cambodia. Our digital financial platform paired with Google Workspace will help SMEs to automate business processes, improve compliance in the preparation of financial statements, and enhance financial and financing confidence.”

Founder and CEO of BanhJi FinTech, Mr. Chankiriroth Sim.

One of the standout features of this partnership is the integration between BanhJi’s Accounting Software and Google Sheets, which enables the preparation of customized financial reports based on management requirements. This feature is specifically designed to meet local needs, allowing accountants to prepare financial statements in the Khmer language, compliant with the Cambodian International Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs (CIFRS for SMEs). The financial data in Google Sheets is automatically reflected in Google Docs, streamlining the workflow and increasing efficiency.

Yuval Dvir, Global Head, Online Scaled Partnerships at Google Workspace, echoed this enthusiasm, stating, “We continue to innovate to address the current MSMEs challenges. For instance, the easy-to-use, mobile-first features such as Appointment Scheduling on Calendar, Smart Compose in Gmail and Translate tool in Sheets and Docs will help MSMEs to better connect with customers across the world. SMEs in Asia have diverse needs and often require local support as they go digital. We are confident that SMEs will benefit from the newly launched SME Kick-starter Bundles.”

Improving Access to Digital Financial Tools and Services

To access Google Workspace services through BanhJi, MSMEs need only register a business account with Banhji. After successful registration, they can select Google Workspace via the user login admin portals, further simplifying the onboarding process for businesses.

This partnership goes beyond just the integration of software services; it signifies BanhJi’s broader commitment to establishing robust partnerships to improve access to digital financial tools and services. The company has also been actively partnering with banks and other financial institutions operating in Cambodia to offer digital payment and financing options.

The SME Kick-Starter Bundles collaboration between BanhJi and Google Workspace is not just a technological alliance; it’s a milestone in Cambodia’s digital economic landscape. It showcases BanhJi’s role as a stand-out SME in Cambodia, committed to providing local MSMEs with the digital tools they need to grow and scale their businesses both in Cambodia and globally.

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