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Leader Talks: Martin Brisson on EuroCham Hitting $1M in Annual Revenue & Its Role in Cambodia’s Evolving Business Ecosystem

Leader Talks: Martin Brisson on EuroCham Hitting $1M in Annual Revenue & Its Role in Cambodia’s Evolving Business Ecosystem

Harrison White

Martin Brisson, the Executive Director of EuroCham Cambodia, spoke with CIR Leader Talks about the organization’s achievements and future strategies, following the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia hit a significant milestone by generating $1 million in annual revenue, a sum drawn from a diversified income stream. This financial vigor allows EuroCham to broaden its operations and play a significant role in Cambodia’s evolving business ecosystem.

Active In Hosting a Variety of Forums and Summits

EuroCham has been highly active in hosting a variety of forums and summits that include awards for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These initiatives align with their principal agenda that encompasses digital transformation, green business practices, reducing bureaucratic red tape, and facilitating regional integration.

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During the 2023 AGM, a remarkable 97% of the members voted in favor of the statute, manifesting their overwhelming confidence in the chamber’s board and administration. “The near-unanimous voting reveals that our members have substantial confidence in the ongoing initiatives and the administrative machinery of EuroCham. 2022 was a rebuilding year for our advocacy efforts and committees, but 2023 is all about leveraging the renewed impact we’ve created,” said Brisson.

Harrison White CIR Editor and Martin Brisson, the Executive Director of EuroCham Cambodia.

The Executive Director also highlighted that the Cambodian government has been increasingly receptive to the business community’s concerns, especially against the backdrop of the current economic slowdown. “Issues like tax audits, export certifications, and access to skilled labor are on the government’s radar. This responsiveness is reassuring to our members and proves that the government is attentive to business-related regulations and policies,” Brisson added.

Maintaining The Chamber’s Strong Team Is a Top Priority

Discussing his role as the newly appointed Executive Director, Brisson stressed that maintaining the chamber’s strong team is a top priority. “From my perspective, we’re in a strong position right now. I intend to create a deeper bond between the Executive Director and coordinators. We’re targeting a membership base of 400 over the next year, bolstered by revenue and sponsorship growth,” he explained.

In terms of data gathering and advocacy, EuroCham has decided to revamp its Business Confidence Survey. “The previous format had timing issues and lacked precision in addressing the solutions to business challenges. Therefore, we’re launching a new, more concise half-yearly survey that will be more sector-inclusive, helping us refine our advocacy efforts,” Brisson revealed.

EuroCham Cambodia 2023 AGM.

On the topic of EuroCham’s founding chapters, such as Brit Cham, the chamber aims to strengthen their collaboration. “We recognize that their challenges are essentially universal business challenges that we all face. In line with this, we have recently onboarded a full-time relationship officer to augment our communication with all members,” Brisson announced.

By amassing $1 million in annual revenue, EuroCham Cambodia has cemented its position as a formidable business chamber. It has also charted out meticulous plans to widen its influence and membership base while optimizing its advocacy efforts. As EuroCham gears up for a year of strategic implementations and ambitious targets, its members, and by extension the Cambodian business community, are set to benefit from its vigorous initiatives and robust financial health.

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