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VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS Partners with STATION. and LEGS TECHNOLOGIES to Revolutionize Logistics in Cambodia and Southeast Asia

VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS Partners with STATION. and LEGS TECHNOLOGIES to Revolutionize Logistics in Cambodia and Southeast Asia

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On September 4th, 2023, a landmark partnership was forged among VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS, STATION., and LEGS TECHNOLOGIES with the aim of bringing innovative logistics solutions to the e-commerce and delivery landscape in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Sou Vireak, the CEO and Founder of VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS (VET), announced the partnership at a joint press conference, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with STATION and LEGS to introduce innovative logistics solutions through cutting-edge smart locker technologies. This partnership will help VET expand its reach across the region and streamline logistics for all its current and future customers.”

Founded in 2004, VET has positioned itself as the leading logistics company in Cambodia, providing comprehensive first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile delivery services. With extensive operations across Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the partnership stands to enhance its regional footprint further.

Providing Fully Integrated Smart Locker Solutions

The collaborative agreement entails STATION. and LEGS TECHNOLOGIES providing fully integrated smart locker solutions to VET. “With our partner LEGS TECHNOLOGIES, we are honored to be chosen as the exclusive smart locker solution provider for VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS,” said Mr. Patrice Vignes, Chief Executive Officer at STATION. “This collaboration will enable us to bring our services closer to people’s homes or workplaces, offering convenience as well as eco-friendly solutions that will improve the livelihoods of people across Cambodia.”

STATION., Cambodia’s sole aggregator of convenience services, offers a wide range of solutions, including smart lockers, parcel delivery, and transport services. They have an extensive nationwide network, which includes high-traffic locations like banks, residences, universities, and tourist attractions, solving last-mile, logistics, and convenience challenges.

Deliveries More Cost-Effective, Transparent, And Equitable

LEGS TECHNOLOGIES, an affiliate of the AZ Group, with a mission to make deliveries more cost-effective, transparent, and equitable. Mr. Sokun Sum, Chief Executive Officer at LEGS TECHNOLOGIES, expressed his optimism about the partnership: “We are delighted to work with STATION. and VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS to provide a seamless and green-efficient logistics network that will get us one step closer to our customers, reduce our carbon footprint, and optimize operations.”

The partnership is poised to redefine the logistics and e-commerce sectors in Cambodia, with a ripple effect expected across Southeast Asia. It aims to create a fairer and balanced environment for businesses, riders, and logistics companies by providing last-mile focused logistics as a service platform. This not only streamlines operations but also offers on-demand delivery solutions, which could lead to significant economic benefits for Cambodia and enhance the community’s lifestyle.

The collaboration between VIREAK BUNTHAM EXPRESS, STATION., and LEGS TECHNOLOGIES marks a significant milestone in the Cambodian logistics and e-commerce landscape, promising to bring transformative change through its innovative smart locker technologies.

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