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Panasonic Cambodia Partners with ISI Dangkor Senchey Football Club to Enhance Air Quality in AIA Stadium KHM Park with nanoeX Technology

Panasonic Cambodia Partners with ISI Dangkor Senchey Football Club to Enhance Air Quality in AIA Stadium KHM Park with nanoeX Technology

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Panasonic Cambodia has taken a significant stride in fortifying its commitment to sports infrastructure in Cambodia, as it unveiled a landmark strategic partnership with ISI Dangkor Senchey Football Club for the 2023/24 season.

The collaboration was solidified by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ISI Dangkor Senchey, wherein Panasonic will become the air quality partner by upgrading the infrastructure at the AIA stadium KMH park, the club’s home ground. This facility was recently relaunched for the public, flaunting improved infrastructure.

Uplifting Standards of Football Infrastructure in Cambodia

The revamped stadium includes several VIP spectator rooms and player rooms, which offer a comfortable viewing experience and are now equipped with Panasonic’s nanoeX air conditioning units, which offer more than just temperature control. These state-of-the-art systems also create a germ-free ambiance, guaranteeing the comfort and health of both players and spectators.

Panasonic Cambodia and ISI Dangkor Sen Chey Football Club members at the AIA stadium KMH park

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Panasonic’s nanoeX technology inhibits five types of pollutants, utilizing capsules filled with OH radicals to prevent harmful viruses, bacteria, and bad odors. This innovation has found its application across various industries around the globe. In an extension of the partnership, Panasonic has also introduced premium PRIME+ refrigerators equipped with nanoeX technology at the stadium, enabling hygienic food and beverage storage.

Panasonic VIP room equipped with nanoeX air conditioners at AIA stadium KHM park.
Kitchen area at AIA stadium KHM park equipped with Panasonic PRIME+ edition refrigerator and Microwave Oven

Yasunobu Matsumoto, Country Head of Panasonic Cambodia, enthusiastically expressed his thoughts on this collaboration, stating, “Panasonic’s mission is to create comfortable and hygienic environments, through the introduction of technological innovations that contribute to people’s well-being in society. Through our partnership, we want the value of nanoeX technology presenting in our air conditioning systems, to be long-term shared with sportsmen and spectators, bringing the full thrill of the football game in the stadium.”

Yasunobu Matsumoto, Country Head of Panasonic Cambodia Speaking at the venue.

Uplifting The Standards of Football Infrastructure In Cambodia

Panasonic Cambodia’s endeavors in the country are not new; the organization has been working closely with the Cambodia Premier League (CPL) since its inception. This new partnership with ISI Dangkor Senchey FC is another testament to Panasonic’s continuous investment in young people and uplifting the standards of football infrastructure in Cambodia.

Mr. Kang Sen, President of ISI Dangkor Sen Chey Football Club expressed his appreciation to Panasonic for their collaboration to enhance the infrastructure of AIA Stadium KMH Park. “It’s not just an investment in technology but a remarkable step towards showcasing our club’s progress from League 2 to the top division,” he asserted. Reflecting on the partnership, he emphasized how the introduction of nanoeX technology is symbolic of the club’s growth and ambition, bringing a touch of innovation and modernity that resonates with their rise into the Cambodian Premier League.

Elaborating on the club’s future aspirations, Mr. Sen said, “This partnership with Panasonic represents more than just sponsorship; it’s a reflection of our determination, our long-term vision, and our commitment to achieving excellence. Our aim for a top 4 finish this season is not just a goal but a statement of intent. Through strategic collaborations like this, we seek to present our vision to the world, and continue to build a club that stands for innovation, performance, and community. Together with Panasonic, we are not only transforming the game experience but setting new standards for Cambodian football.”

Mr. Kang Sen, President of ISI Dangkor Sen Chey Football expressing his gratitude to Panasonic Cambodia

Potential Of nanoeX Technology to Merge with Sports

This association emphasizes Panasonic’s broader global initiative in leveraging its leading technological capabilities for enhancing societal well-being. The collaboration with ISI Dangkor Senchey is not just about commercial sponsorship but reflects a synergy of values and aspirations that resonates with both entities.

The use of nanoeX technology in the stadium’s infrastructure marks an innovative and responsible step in ensuring the well-being of fans and players alike. By transforming the football viewing experience, this partnership promises to take the excitement of the game to a new level, reflecting the potential of technology to merge with sports and redefine the way we experience our favorite pastimes.

Panasonic Cambodia’s partnership with ISI Dangkor Senchey Football Club underlines the company’s vision and commitment to investing in sports and societal advancement. By enriching the football experience with innovative technology, they continue to make significant strides in promoting sportsmanship, health, and community engagement. The Cambodian football scene is set to reap the benefits of this alliance, ushering in a new era of enhanced performance, enjoyment, and well-being.

Panasonic Cambodia Senior Management with ISI Dangkor Sen Chey Football Club members

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