Cambodia Investment Review

Singapore Business Delegation Eye Collaborations with Singaporean Companies in Cambodia

Singapore Business Delegation Eye Collaborations with Singaporean Companies in Cambodia

Cambodia Investment Review

In a significant development highlighting the growing economic ties between Singapore and Cambodia, a recent delegation from the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) embarked on a week-long mission to explore Cambodia’s economic prospects and seek investment opportunities. The trip, marked by seminars, site visits to Special Economic Zones in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, and comprehensive briefings, showcased a keen interest in the Cambodian market.

At the forefront of this collaboration was Phillip Bank, a Singaporean banking institution playing a pivotal role in introducing Singapore’s distinctive business practices to Cambodia. Mr. Ong Teong Hoon, Director and Shareholder’s Representative of Phillip Bank Cambodia, led the charge by hosting a presentation during the delegation’s visit. His focus was on providing insights into the opportunities, challenges, and the Singaporean way of conducting business in the Kingdom.

Nurturing The Relationship Between Singapore & Cambodia

In his seminar titled “Overview of the Banking and Finance Industry and the Regulatory Regime in Cambodia,” Mr. Ong emphasized Phillip Bank’s commitment to nurturing the relationship between Singapore and Cambodia. “Phillip Bank embodies the Singaporean approach in Cambodia, reflecting our commitment to nurture the relationship between the two nations,” remarked Mr. Ong. He further highlighted the diverse financial landscape in Cambodia, stating, “The banking landscape here consists of about 60 banks, numerous MFIs, leasing companies, and pawnshops.”

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Mr. Ong Teong Hoon – Director and Shareholder’s Representative, Phillip Bank Cambodia.

The SBF’s visit, with Phillip Bank as a key participant, is deemed a crucial step in enhancing Singapore’s engagement with Cambodia’s emerging market. The delegation’s presence underscored the potential for Singaporean businesses to explore and engage in Cambodia, with Phillip Bank setting a promising example.

The week’s activities included not only informative sessions but also strategic business networking receptions aimed at fostering collaboration between different segments of the local business community. This holistic approach aimed to provide the visiting delegation with a comprehensive understanding of Cambodia’s market landscape.

Singapore’s Method of Doing Business into Cambodia’s Economy

As the apex business chamber in Singapore, the SBF boasts the largest membership, representing over 27,000 businesses. All business chambers and associations in Singapore are SBF members, reinforcing its significance in shaping and representing the business fraternity in the city-state. The delegation’s journey to Cambodia signals a landmark development in Southeast Asian economic collaboration, opening avenues for increased cooperation between businesses in Singapore and Cambodia.

Phillip Bank’s role in this collaborative effort serves as a beacon, showcasing the possibilities of infusing Singapore’s method of doing business into Cambodia’s vibrant economy. The visit is anticipated to pave the way for more Singaporean businesses to explore and engage in Cambodia, leveraging Phillip Bank’s success as a promising example. The overall impact is expected to amplify Singapore’s influence in the rapidly growing Cambodian market, marking a pivotal moment in the economic partnership between the two nations.

SBF’s delegation trip to Cambodia, with a focus on collaboration with home-grown companies like Phillip Bank, exemplifies the increasing interest and commitment of Singaporean business leaders in Cambodia’s economic landscape. The showcased collaboration signifies a step forward in strengthening ties and fostering mutual growth between the two nations.

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