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Cambodia’s Fintech Industry Makes Striking Impression in Rwanda with Support from Esteemed Sponsors

Cambodia’s Fintech Industry Makes Striking Impression in Rwanda with Support from Esteemed Sponsors

Cambodia Investment Review

The Kingdom of Cambodia is making waves in the world of financial technology (fintech), with the country’s latest venture taking center stage in Rwanda. Cambodia’s reputation as a pioneering force in fintech is growing rapidly, thanks to an innovative ethos and unwavering commitment to progress. This effort has been significantly boosted by a group of prestigious sponsors that have made the Rwandan venture possible.

A high-level delegation led by the National Bank of Cambodia is currently visiting Rwanda, demonstrating the transformative power of the Cambodian fintech industry. This delegation was co-organized by The Cambodian Association of Finance and Technology (CAFT) and The Association of Banks in Cambodia, with key sponsors playing a pivotal role in its arrangement and funding.

Commendable support for Cambodian fintech

ABA Bank, as the Platinum Sponsor, has shown commendable support in promoting Cambodia’s fintech achievements, particularly the groundbreaking Bakong platform and advanced payment systems. With the additional support from Bronze Sponsors ACLEDA Bank and Wing, the delegation aims to highlight the investment potential of Cambodia’s fintech sector.

Community sponsor Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC), Ipay88 Cambodia, PiPay Plc., and TrueMoney Cambodia, alongside PR partners Linx International and PR Newswire, have also contributed significantly to this venture. Representatives from each organization are present in Rwanda, further illustrating their commitment to placing Cambodia on the international fintech map.

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The collective endeavors of these sponsors showcase a unified front, reinforcing Cambodia’s position within the international fintech community. Their commitment is integral to the country’s success as it seeks to foster cross-border partnerships and scale new heights in the fintech landscape.

The considerable traction gained by Cambodia’s fintech industry in Rwanda highlights the positive impacts of this collaborative initiative. Key industry stakeholders eagerly await the potential developments and significant growth in the pursuit of inclusive and sustainable fintech progress.

A springboard for further initiatives

Following the forum in Rwanda, the Cambodian delegation plans to continue promoting its fintech industry globally. This is seen as just the beginning, a springboard for further initiatives that will establish Cambodia as an international fintech powerhouse.

The Inclusive Fintech Forum, a three-day event organized by Elavandi and Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC), will serve as the global platform for discussing fintech’s role in financial inclusion. This event will feature workshops, roundtables, and displays of top-tier inclusive fintech projects, offering a golden opportunity for exchanging ideas and forging strategic partnerships. The emphasis will be on fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge to build a robust, inclusive financial ecosystem.

The Inclusive Fintech Forum offers an excellent opportunity for the Cambodian delegation and its sponsors to explore the latest fintech trends and potential investment prospects. For further information about the Inclusive Fintech Forum, visit the official event website at or contact the CAFT team at

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