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Novation Academy and Samra Seaplane Forge Local Partnership in Cambodia, Reinforcing Unyielding Quest for Domestic Resources

Novation Academy and Samra Seaplane Forge Local Partnership in Cambodia, Reinforcing Unyielding Quest for Domestic Resources

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In an influential move endorsing domestic resources, Novation Academy, Cambodia’s premier flight training school, has joined forces with Royal Group Samra Seaplane, an emerging amphibious seaplane operation. The symbiotic partnership is in line with their shared vision of leveraging local resources to advance Cambodia’s aviation sector.

Highlighting this shared endeavor, Capt. Lionel Vincent Mougel, COO of Samra Seaplane, stated, “Unyielding in our quest for locally available resources, Samra Seaplane places utmost importance on exploring domestic training solutions, provided they fully meet regulatory and operational requirements and standards. As such, we are happy to see Novation Academy’s efforts in this regard.”

Enhancing aviation training by bringing practical exposure

This collaboration, substantiated by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), is aimed at enhancing aviation training by bringing practical exposure and real-world experiences to future pilots of Cambodia. It also promises to foster innovation, job prospects, and foster growth in the broader aviation landscape.

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Novation Academy and Samra Seaplane.

Kirill Bratchenko, Managing Director of Novation Academy, emphasized, “This collaboration is a testament to Novation Academy’s commitment to fostering innovation in aviation training, and it underscores our shared vision of propelling the aviation industry in Cambodia forward. Our students, the future pilots, will greatly benefit from this partnership, gaining access to real-world experience and enhanced job prospects.”

Moreover, the partnership is set to explore mutual synergies in light of Samra Seaplane’s establishment of a new seaplane operation. Novation Academy will consequently develop seaplane rating training courses for Samra Seaplane and extend support for their operations. Joint and cooperative marketing campaigns are also in the offing.

Partnership aligns with Novation Academy’s long-term plans

A pivotal inspection by the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) on March 16, 2023, was conducted to ensure Novation Academy’s compliance with the stringent regulatory standards. The SSCA officials rigorously evaluated the academy’s curriculum, equipment, and training sessions, solidifying its role in nurturing the next generation of Cambodian pilots.

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The partnership aligns with Novation Academy’s long-term plans, as reported by the Cambodia Investment Review, of not only becoming a national training center but also evolving as a regional hub for new pilots. This vision received substantial support from the SSCA and the Cambodian government, marking a crucial step towards expanding the country’s aviation industry.

Novation Academy flight simulator.

In an additional venture, Royal Group Samra Seaplane, a historic joint initiative between Seaplane Asia Limited and the Royal Group of Cambodia, is geared to revolutionize Cambodia’s aviation and luxury tourism industry with a premium seaplane service. The venture, inked on June 9, 2023, aims to create an eco-friendly seaplane operation that enhances Cambodian lifestyle, promotes tourism, and sets new benchmarks in regional seaplane transportation.

In conclusion, this partnership is a strategic step towards harnessing domestic resources and advancing Cambodia’s aviation industry. With the enthusiastic support of the SSCA and Cambodian government, the symbiosis between Novation Academy and Samra Seaplane is poised to bring new heights to the nation’s aviation landscape.

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