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TrueMoney Cambodia and Vannda Are Teaming Up to Bring a Fun & Smart Wallet to Help the Youngsters to Spend and Manage Their Daily Expenses Wisely (Video)

TrueMoney Cambodia and Vannda Are Teaming Up to Bring a Fun & Smart Wallet to Help the Youngsters to Spend and Manage Their Daily Expenses Wisely (Video)

Cambodia Investment Review

Financial management plays a critical role in our daily lives. Everyone in our society needs to have a good understanding of the value of money, even from a young age. Good financial management can help youth achieve their short-term and long-term goals, avoid financial pitfalls, and improve youth’s well-being and confidence.

That’s why TrueMoney Cambodia, a leading regional Fintech brand in South East Asia, has partnered with VannDa, Cambodia’s rising rapper star, to launch a new campaign that ..aims to inspire young Cambodians to spend wisely and responsibly.

The campaign, titled “Make Every Move Count”, is based on TrueMoney’s brand promise that reflects its vision to provide not only convenient, fast, and secure financial services to everyone, but also to make sure that the customers can benefit in every move.

Special rewards program for new & existing customers

As part of the campaign, TrueMoney Cambodia offers a very special rewarding program to both existing and new customers to save more on their daily expenses. For 200,000 riels spent within the month, the customer will save 20,000 riels, or for 400, 000 riels spent within the month, the customer will save 40,000 riels. These offers are linked with the TrueMoney Virtual Mastercard card, All TrueMoney Wallet users can access the card free of charge, with no hidden fees, no minimum balance requirement, and the best currency exchange rate for international payments.

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VannDa, TrueMoney Cambodia Brand Ambassador, said: “I chose to work with TrueMoney Cambodia because I see the brand has a very strong commitment to inspiring young Cambodians to be financially independent. I think it is a great opportunity for me to share my passion for music and my message of the Value of Money with my fans and the public. I encourage them to choose the TrueMoney Wallet and TrueMoney Virtual Mastercard card. It is the best smart and fun wallet for youth like us. And It helps us save more on our daily expenses.”

Mrs. Khuon Frandara, Acting Chief Executive Officer of TrueMoney Cambodia, said: “I also have kids, and I want my kids to be wise and responsible with their money. We must educate our children about the value of money by showing them the best ways to spend and earn money. With TrueMoney Wallet and TrueMoney Virtual Mastercard cards, our users can save more on their daily expenses . We have partnered with Mastercard, 7-Eleven, FoodPanda, Grab, and many other partners to provide the best offers to our customers and make sure that what we offer can save our customer’s daily spending. I believe that VannDa will inspire them to make every move count with their money, whether it is spending or transferring with TrueMoney Wallet.”

TrueMoney showcases its latest features

In addition to the campaign, TrueMoney Cambodia, VannDa, and many other popular singers from Baramey Production hosted a TrueFest Concert on June 10, 2023, at AEON Mall Sen Sok with over 2,000 participation from both purchased and invited audiences. TrueMoney Cambodia showcased its latest features such as VannDa Mode, VannDa MoneyDrop, and TrueRace which make financial transactions fun and rewarding when the users transact with TrueMoney Wallet.

The concert raised 33,600,000 riel together with  6,400,000 riel from Hanuman Beverages sold during the concert. All the funds go to TrueMoney x VannDa Charity Fund. TrueMoney Cambodia, Baramey, and Hanuman Beverages agreed to donate a total 40,000,000 riel “To differentiate ourselves from other players and help our young customers manage their spending wisely, we continue to improve and enhance our product features to be fun and engaging by injecting the VannDa experience into our product features to entertain and educate the youngsters about the value for money around earning, spending, saving, and giving back to our society” Mrs. Khuon Frandara added.

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For more information about TrueMoney Cambodia and its products and services, please visit or follow its Facebook page

If you missed the event or want to relive the experience, you can watch the highlights on TrueMoney’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to download the TrueMoney Wallet app today and try out the new features with VannDa!

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