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Experience Luxury Living: Unveiling the ‘Exquisite Prince One Tropica Residences

Experience Luxury Living: Unveiling the ‘Exquisite Prince One Tropica Residences

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After months of preparation, a carefully choreographed area of mock-up houses at Prince One Tropica was opened to visitors on May 31. In response to expectations of a new home, we invited prospective investors and homebuyers as well as many a media outlet to the Prince One Tropica show house launch event, where the invitees immersed themselves in the property’s brilliant design.

As these buildings were unveiled a residential project displayed in great details unfolded before the eyes of attendees, who marveled at the sophisticated design of the residential buildings. Blending practicality and aesthetics, they boast a garden dotted with elegantly arranged flowers, plants and trees – an eye-catching scene.

Prospective homebuyers and dozens of media outlets, guided by the sales manager of One Tropica, visited the sales gallery and mock-up rooms, where they were showcased future living in the Borey.

Unconditional return policy after handover

In an interview with Cambodia Investment Review and other media outlets, Vic Guo, head of marketing of Prince One Tropica, elaborated on an ‘unconditional return’ policy and the property’s value for money, which have been talking points in the real estate market.

“Our unconditional return policy allows customers to return purchased properties due to quality issues within 45 days after the handover; customers will receive a 100% refund. As a real estate developer deeply rooted in Phnom Penh for 8 years, we are committed to corporate social responsibilities, and by putting ourselves in the shoes of homebuyers, we understand that purchasing a real estate property is a major decision and a great expenditure,” he said.

“The unconditional return policy is introduced to minimize the risk for homebuyers. There are real property projects that boast beautiful showrooms but the homes handed over to their buyers might come with tons of quality issues such as leakage, rupture, etc., and instead of solving the issues, some developers simply ignore them. We call on all the developers in Cambodia to offer a similar ‘unconditional return’ benefit to customers and join us to steer the real estate industry in a healthy direction.” Vic added.

First high-end villa residential project

As the first boutique villa project of Prince Real Estate Group, Prince One Tropica, delicately designed to international standards, adheres to the notion of “Building a Better Life”, weaving quality, environment consciousness, health and safety into every detail of the development.

Prince Real Estate Group has been focusing on the research, development and construction of high-end real property from the very beginning and become one of the leading enterprises in the market of quality residences in Phnom Penh today after eight years of endeavors. Prince One Tropica, as its first high-end villa residential project, serves as a cornerstone for its product upgrade and an aspiration to offer more superb homes to the Cambodian market.

Compared with other high-end projects in Phnom Penh, Prince One Tropica is presented to the public in its real, finished form, offering homebuyers a real-life experience before making a purchase: gardens, the club, property management, living spaces, among others.

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