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Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Prudential Cambodia’s Rewards Program

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Prudential Cambodia’s Rewards Program

Cambodia Investment Review

Prudential, one of the leading life and health insurance companies in Cambodia, has announced the launch of Prudential Rewards Program, offering exclusive benefits and discounts to both Prudential customers and Pulse users from the Pulse app and Prudential’s partners, giving customers and the community access to more than just financial protection.

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Prudential customers, both new and existing, can take advantage of instant discounts from partners when making purchases or using services, subject to applicable partnership terms and conditions. Furthermore, customers who sign up for the Prudential Rewards Program can also enjoy additional prizes and merchandise from Prudential through the earned points.

Prudential has partnered with a variety of businesses

Pulse users and the public can join the Rewards Program by signing up for an account on the Pulse app. Members can earn points by participating in activities ranging from completing surveys, playing online games, to buying insurance policies. These points can then be exchanged for instant prizes such as merchandise, vouchers, and other perks.

To provide extended benefits to customers, Prudential has partnered with a variety of businesses, such as international schools, health and wellness providers, restaurants, bookstores, and hotels. Prudential is committed to signing up more partners to provide nationwide coverage to its customers.

Celebration of Prudential’s 10th anniversary in Cambodia and 175 years of history worldwide, held at Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Prudential’s Pulse app is an AI-powered mobile platform designed to provide comprehensive health and wellness services to customers. The app allows users to take an AI-powered health assessment, join online communities, easily access nearby hospitals, and gain access to educational health-related content. Furthermore, customers can set reminders to track their health and wellness goals and receive personalized advice to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

10th anniversary in Cambodia and 175th worldwide

While this year Prudential is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Cambodia and 175 years of history worldwide, the Rewards Program showcases its commitment to providing the best possible customer experiences and maximized benefits to customers and Pulse users.

Sign up for Prudential’s Rewards Program membership on the Pulse app and take part in activities to earn points and unlock exclusive merchandise, rewards, discounts, and more!

Download the Pulse app now by visiting — or by scanning the QR Code below.

Find out more about Prudential’s existing partners at:

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