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New Culinary Beach Destination ‘Kep West’ Boosts High-End Tourism in Cambodia

New Culinary Beach Destination ‘Kep West’ Boosts High-End Tourism in Cambodia

Cambodia Investment Review

In a show of confidence in Cambodia’s Kep province, boutique resort Knai Bang Chatt has recently transformed into “Kep West”, a culinary beach destination offering luxury accommodations, a diverse food scene, and a range of activities for visitors. The newly opened Kep West is set to boost the local economy and revive Kep’s culture as a high-end tourism destination.

According to the hotels booking site boutique resort Knai Bang Chatt rooms are priced around $200 to $500 a night and are furnished with local antiques and artefacts that reflect modern Khmer design and architecture.

The opening of Kep West officially on March 24, 2023.

The development of Kep West comes at a crucial time when high-end tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the Cambodian economy. With its pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and growing hospitality industry, Cambodia has been attracting a growing number of affluent travelers seeking luxury experiences. By catering to this market, Kep West is poised to generate significant revenue and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

A new culinary beach destination

Jef Moons, the founder of Kep West, expressed his love for Cambodia and how it inspired the creation of the project. “Since my arrival in 2003, I fell in love with Cambodia. From that love, an ambition grew to create and inspire, and today we have created a new culinary beach destination called ‘Kep West’. It is not ‘I’ that have created, it is ‘We’ that have created,” said Moons.

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High-end tourism not only brings in valuable foreign currency but also creates jobs and provides training opportunities for local employees. This, in turn, improves living standards and fosters the growth of the local economy. Kep West, with its luxury accommodations and diverse culinary scene, is set to become a major player in Cambodia’s high-end tourism sector.

Jef Moons CEO Knai Bang Chatt & Kep West

“Kep West is about lifestyle – Architecture – Design – Music & Art,” Moons said. As part of the project, a coral statue will be built on the beach to act as a protector for the oceans, attract tourism, and promote Kep as a cultural and architectural coastal destination.

Kep – ongoing potential for investment

The development of Kep West highlights the potential for investment in the region and high-end tourism in Cambodia. During the launch event Moons invites others to join in the effort to make Kep West an unforgettable experience for guests, stating, “With this, I’d like to offer the opportunity for our esteemed guests, distinguished members of the community, and friends of Knai Bang Chatt to participate and involve in helping create this landmark become a reality.”

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With the opening of Kep West, the resort aims to establish itself as a prestigious and recognized brand, attracting refined local and foreign travelers, and further solidifying the importance of high-end tourism for Cambodia’s economy.

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