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Brooks Brothers Expands Presence in Asia Signing Lease Agreement with ‘The Peak’ in Cambodia

Brooks Brothers Expands Presence in Asia Signing Lease Agreement with ‘The Peak’ in Cambodia

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Phnom Penh’s luxury retail destination, The Peak, managed by Bluebell, has announced the signing of a lease agreement with Brooks Brothers, bringing their world-renowned American style to Cambodia. The signing ceremony was held at the VIP lounge on the 55th floor of The Peak, which is currently the highest in Phnom Penh.

Pierre Balsan, Managing Director of WB Bluebell (Cambodia) and a LVMH veteran in Asia, expressed his excitement, stating that “We are truly happy to welcome Brooks Brothers, the epitome of New York elegance, in The Peak, which will change the fashion scene of The Peak forever.”

House of Firsts in the retail industry of Cambodia

The partnership between The Peak and Brooks Brothers aims to provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience, offering the finest luxury products, services, and amenities available. The Peak’s vision is to become the House of Firsts in the retail industry of Cambodia, offering a unique, authentic, and desirable shopping experience. Customers can expect the personal touch of Brooks Brothers, which will provide expert advice and customer service to enhance the shopping experience.

The lease signing was hosted at ‘The Peak’ VIP Lounge on the 55th floor in Phnom Penh.

William Issarariddhi, CEO and Founder of Issara Synergy, the only licensed distributor for Brooks Brothers in Cambodia, expressed his confidence in the brand, stating that he “was confident the brand would resonate well with both local and international shoppers coming to The Peak’s one-of-a-kind shopping destination.”

The Peak – a prime destination for high-end shopping

The signing ceremony between The Peak and Brooks Brothers highlights the success of Bluebell Group, which has been building successful brands in Asia since 1954. The company is present in multiple countries, with over 4,000 employees, 1,000 points-of-sale, and $2.5b in turnover.

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The signing of the lease agreement between The Peak and Brooks Brothers marks a significant moment in the history of Cambodia’s retail sector, introducing a new era of luxury retail to the country. With Brooks Brothers joining the fold, The Peak continues to cement its position as a prime destination for high-end shopping, and a new chapter in Cambodia’s economic development is set to begin.

According to Bluebell, Cambodia’s growing and aspiring middle class is at the core of its business model. That said, many Cambodian consumers are already travelling overseas to purchase similar products, so we are hoping to provide that local experience for them

The Peak is a freehold 55-storey integrated development comprises an office tower, the country’s first Shangri-La Hotel, and two luxury residential towers with 1,014 apartment units.

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