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According to the latest in-market analysis from Next Step International (NSI), there remains huge demand within the marketing sector for qualified professionals to help boost company branding, profile and manage core sales strategies for businesses in the Kingdom.

In order to develop added value for our readers, we’ve teamed up with Next Step International to shine a light on the Cambodian job market in a bi-weekly series covering trends, challenges and opportunities as well as top picks from local and regional employers.

Head of Marcom at NSI, Mr. Tom Starkey, said the influx of job advertisements demonstrates the value employers are now putting on marketing in tandem with product and/or service delivery.

“Global trends have seen expenditure on marketing increase massively, and regional employers within the ASEAN – and Cambodia specifically – are no different. Companies are identifying this and increasing their budgets, accordingly, leading to the heightened demand for marketing professionals.”

“During the uncertainty of the pandemic in Cambodia, marketing roles could be a myriad of freelance, part-time or full-time personnel ranging from content creators on social media to SEO managers. As we move into the post-COVID era, companies are recognizing the need for higher level strategic consistency in their outreach and branding.”

He said this is spurring the need for skilled professionals in full-time positions which can drive public, private and third-sector visibility long-term.

Changing trends in marketing is creating jobs

“If you look at business analytics sites Statista, the amount of revenue businesses allocate to marketing has grown considerably over the past 12 years, averaging at nearly 9 per cent of overall company revenue in 2022, a growth of 5 per cent since 2011.

Indeed, according to Statista, In Cambodia advertisement spending in the Digital sphere is projected to reach $84.61 million USD in 2023 with the emerging need for SEO/SEM advertising potentially seeing spending of $36.23 million USD.

Tom says that the commitment from employers in Cambodia to marketing professional demand can be seen through the jobs NSI has highlighted below:

  1. EnergyLab

Positions available:

  • Communication & Design Manager
  • Engagement Program Coordinator.

Founded in 2018, EnergyLab Cambodia is an innovative and efficient not-for-profit organisation working to support the growth of Clean Energy markets. 

Tom said that the organisation’s commitment to multiple initiatives for Clean Energy promotion and the latest job adverts are a testament to promoting their activities as a leading actor in Cambodia.

Natharoun Ngo Son, country director for Energy Lab speaks at the EuroCham Breakfast Talks at Raffles Hotel in Phnom Penh on November 5, 2022.

A representative from EnergyLab said they are looking for enthusiastic, outside-of-the-box thinkers who are passionate about the transition to clean energy and would relish the chance to engage key audiences and develop 360 visibility.

Those interested can contact [email protected] or find out more here.

2. Massive Distributions

Positions available:

  • Business Development Supervisor

MD is a professional Business Process Outsourcing company that provides concrete solutions that help clients achieve maximum benefits while reducing costs and hassle.

​They manage a network of over 20,000 merchants and 15,000 agents nationwide with over 150 professional team members.

A representative from MD said,  “We are the 1st company that provides outsourcing services to multiple industries. Including banks, fintech, and insurance.”

CEO of Massive Distributions Mr Victor Kaw.

“We provide opportunities to grow in terms of promoting, transferring, coaching and training staff be successful and professional in their career path.”

“MD is committed to recruiting, building and retaining talent, and the successful candidate will have the full support of MD’s extensive resources and team to achieve both personal and professional goals within the company,” they added.

Interested candidates can contact [email protected] or message on telegram/whatsapp via +85598957988

3. Next Step International

Positions available:

  • Key Accounts manager

This employer is a market leader in carrier-grade content platforms that ensure excellent user experience in service delivery to all types of users – B2B & B2C– in the new OTT era.

Leading on recruitment, Josh Downs said NSI is looking for a highly motivated individual to execute and manage the Key-account/B2B sales strategy for our client, a supplier of high-end digital solutions to the hospitality sector.

“The successful candidate will be responsible for achieving the target of revenue, market share and profitability, whilst understanding what motivates customers to buy and know how to tap into those needs in an effective way.”

Moving forward with effective recruitment in Cambodia

Tom added, “Cambodia does not lack the talent within its workforce to fulfil the newfound hunger for marketing talent now essential businesses going forward. However, the current job market will require a combination of foreign and local talent to meet the demands of the evolving job market in the Kingdom.”

“Promoting opportunities through verified and trusted means will help develop the Kingdom’s reputation as a place to live and work for international talent, while ensuring a direct impact on upskilling workforces bringing together a global mindset essential to the future of business in Cambodia.”

This bi-weekly insight into the job market is brought to you by Next Step International, the one-stop-shop platform for living and working in Cambodia. Looking to employ international talent or find professional jobs in Cambodia? Find out more here.

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