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EuroCham ‘Toast to 2023’ highlights Cambodia’s open stance for foreign business and investment

EuroCham ‘Toast to 2023’ highlights Cambodia’s open stance for foreign business and investment

Tom Starkey

The European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) hosted a new year networking night themed ‘Toast to 2023’ at the Waterside in Phnom Penh last Friday, aimed at bringing together old friends, making new ones, and toasting to the year ahead.

The event, which was sponsored by Cambodia Airports, Khmer Enterprise, Vespa, and Pernod Ricard was attended by over 200 high-profile business representatives, NGOs, media as well as country Ambassadors from the EU Delegation, France, Germany, the UK and the Czech Republic.   

EuroCham chairman, Tassilo Brinzer, said 2023 is set to be an exciting year with over 100 planned cultural, social, training and networking events, and a target of 400 member companies signed up with the chamber.

Cambodia’s open stance on foreign business and talent

“A key factor in the Kingdom’s growth has been because of its open stance on foreign business and talent, we must continue to aid and abide by that policy to make it easy for everyone to come and live, work and invest in Cambodia,” Brinzer said.

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The Singaporean success story started in a similar way. Cambodia’s future will rely on its openness to international interest and foreign investment, with EuroCham existing to harness and facilitate the positive impact this will have in the Kingdom.

EuroCham ‘Toast to 2023’

He added that The Royal government is doing a fantastic job to integrate with foreign trade interests and create open policies, which are helping to shape a better business environment.

Speaking on EuroCham in 2023, Mr. Brinzer said, “thirty per cent of members from our chamber are not from Europe, and Cambodian companies which share the vision for transparent growth of business on a level playing field in the Kingdom can benefit.”

Strengthening Cambodia’s international reputation

“We are proud to not just be the European Chamber of Commerce but a cross-cutting business organization which strengthens Cambodia’s international reputation through our work,” Brinzer said.

“This year, we will reach over 55,000 people who follow us through our newsletter, LinkedIn and Facebook, putting Cambodia on the map as a place to live and work,” he added.

With regard to Cambodia’s eco future, Mr. Brinzer said EuroCham are also looking to reduce energy consumption and further green their events.

EuroCham ‘Toast to 2023’

“We want to be in line with the Kingdom’s embrace of new technology, such as with plans in rooftop solar, and are here to promote clean energy and new reform to not only aid Cambodia’s transition but see it capitalise on the opportunities that come from renewables,” Brinzer said.

“We also want to continue to support skill development in Cambodia that benefits the labour force. This is part and parcel of streamlining new company entry into the country that is of value to Cambodia, growing our in-country international community and tax revenues as a result,” he added.

EuroCham aims for 400 members in 2023

EuroCham Cambodia was created in 2011 by the existing French, German and British business associations to act as the official chamber of the European business community in the Kingdom. Since then, it has grown to 351 members and 6 national chapters, comprising 11 European countries.

EuroCham’s key objectives are to promote the interests of European businesses operating in Cambodia and to advocate for the interests of our members vis-a-vis the Royal Cambodian Government aiming to grow to over 400 member companies by the end of 2023.

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They also work to facilitate the entry of European companies into the market, and to support them with our extensive network of corporate and individual members as well as within the overall business community in Cambodia.

EuroCham ‘Toast to 2023’

Finally, they also promote the country as an attractive investment destination, support Cambodian companies via a range of export promotion programs and offer professional training.

Membership is open to any company – or by contacting the membership team directly at

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