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ACLEDA Securities Sets Sights on Maintaining Market Leadership and Expanding Product Range in 2023

ACLEDA Securities Sets Sights on Maintaining Market Leadership and Expanding Product Range in 2023

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ACLEDA Securities, the leading securities brokerage company in Cambodia, has announced its top goals for 2023, with a focus on maintaining its dominant market position as well as increasing demand and trading volumes from its investors.

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review CEO Dr. Prom Visoth commented, “Our goal for 2023 is to keep our leading position in the market. To achieve this, we plan to increase the demand side and the trading volumes and values, and continue providing convenient services to our investors.”

To achieve this goal, the company is planning new initiatives and projects, such as increasing awareness and training programs for both new and existing investors and upgrading its online trading account opening system to an app-based interface.

“We prioritize awareness delivery by initiating training and trading practice programs to the public, including new and existing investors,” Dr. Prom Visoth said.

“We are also continuing to upgrade our online trading account opening system, moving from web-based to app interfacing with SERC’s online investor ID system and CSX trading app to ensure that all new investors can get a trading account within the day,” he added.

The brokerage firm has already developed and launched an online trading account opening system on its webpage today after obtaining permission from the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC).

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Both local and international investors can simply open a trading account by themselves using their smartphone, tablet, and PC via the webpage of ACLEDA Securities Plc at

ACLEDA Securities delivers strong 2022 performance

In 2022, ACLEDA Securities had a strong performance, achieving nearly three times its planned net profit after tax (NPAT). The company held a dominant market share at 68%, and more than 90% in terms of total trading accounts and total trading volumes and values, compared to CSX.

We are proud to have achieved such great results in 2022. We received important awards such as the quarterly best broker, the best broker of the decade, and active market supporter, and were named the best securities brokerage company in Cambodia in the 2022 Global Banking & Finance Awards,” Dr. Prom Visoth said.

Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has outlined record growth for the exchange in 2023 forecasting 14 new firms to list, doubling its daily trading volumes and tripling the number of registered trading accounts, according to its latest annual outlook.

ACLEDA Securities Plc. Head Quarters in Phnom Penh.

Looking at recent trends, CSX believes that domestic credit growth remains strong and the exchange rate is stable while domestic revenue growth has now fully recovered. Back to the securities market, there is a new stronger wave of interest from conglomerates, new-generation entrepreneurs, and local investors both individuals and institutions.

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It added that digitalization has been enabling easier access to and more inclusive capital markets. The government bond market has been emerging as well as tax incentives for securities market participants remain intact and new initiatives on promoting liquidity and new product development have been well laid out.

Strong expansion plans for 2023

ACLEDA Securities revenue is derived mainly from brokerage fees set at approximately 0.5% of execution value, hence increasing the number of listed stocks as well as the overall value and volume has been a priority for the company.

Hence, the company has worked with the Securities Exchange Regulator of Cambodia, to increase awareness and understanding of the securities market and its benefits to the public to increase the demand side and trading activities.

As for expansion and growth in 2023, the company plans to increase the number of new investors, at least doubling the growth seen in 2022, and reactivating existing investors. Additionally, the company plans to jointly discuss with CSX and SERC to possibly launch new products, particularly trading margin products in the market.

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“We plan to enhance the demand side by increasing the number of new investors at least doubling the number of growth in 2022 and reactivate existing investors for expanding our growth in 2023. On top of these, we also plan to jointly discuss with CSX and SERC to possibly launch any new products importantly trading margin products in the market in 2023 which is a part of our growth and market growth as well,” Dr. Prom Visoth said.

Despite the potential challenges and changes in the market, ACLEDA Securities is confident in its ability to respond. “In case of having any, we can respond to it based on our business continuity and recovery plans,” he added.

Overall, ACLEDA Securities is well-positioned for continued success in 2023 and beyond, with a strong focus on maintaining its market position and expanding its services for investors.

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