Winning the Future by Cooperations | Prince Real Estate Group Successfully Holds 2022 Annual Work and Supplier Conference

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January 12th saw the grand occasion of Prince Real Estate Group’s (PREG) 2022 Annual Work and Supplier Conference.

Mr. Cliff Koh, Executive Director of PREG, Mr. Edward Lee, CEO of PREG, Mr. Sheng Jiaqian, Vice-CEO of PREG, and all its employees, media invitees, partners and friends from various fields congregated and looked back at the ups and downs and work challenges of the past year, at the same time setting new goals and anticipating a prosperous outlook.

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Prince Real Estate Group Successfully Holds 2022 Annual Work and Supplier Conference.

At the meeting, the heads of various company departments reported work highlights and achievements in 2022, while setting out work plans for 2023. Mr. Lee delivered a significant speech in which he fully affirmed the achievements of the group in 2022, indicating the group’s key works and directions in 2023.

Mr. Lee pointed out that this is the eighth year of vigorous growth of PREG and a new phrase for PREG’s striving for episode 3.0. In the face of challenges and changes, staff of PREG have shown true grit and forged ahead against adversity.

Putting major work decisions and plans into action

He also indicated that in 2022, whether in terms of developments, products, subsidiaries or other aspects of the group’s operations, the group displayed a trend of diverse development; it sought steady progression and growth of a number of businesses, showing strength and determination to win the Cambodian market as well as advantages of expansion into overseas markets.

Finally, Mr. Lee stressed that in 2023 PREG must continue to maintain the determination to develop projects of better quality and provide more user-friendly services to consumers, and that the staff of PREG should also put major work decisions and plans into action.

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Prince Real Estate Group Successfully Holds 2022 Annual Work and Supplier Conference.

Subsequently, the heads of each department, sector and subsidiary signed the “Prince Real Estate Group 2023 Business Task Target Responsibility Letter”.

The staff of PREG collaborate actively to promote its various projects in 2022, amid which many an employee outdid themselves; they dedicated themselves to the everyday work and make extraordinary contributions to the growth of the organization, for which they are honored with awards, promotions, among other commendations.

Forging a new chapter with spirit

On the stage, these outstanding staff members were given accolades and applauded by their colleagues, who shared their joy and honor. Kudos to everyone for their hard work in the past year. While applause continued, staff members committed to forging a new chapter with spirit.

At the evening’s banquet, Mr. Lee expressed his gratitude to all partners and friends from various fields in attendance, stating that PREG would bore in mind its social responsibility, adhere to its core values of respect, responsibility, benevolence and innovation and continue to dedicate itself to ‘building a better life’.

Prince Real Estate Group Successfully Holds 2022 Annual Work and Supplier Conference.

Mr. Sheng said that the corporate and its partners are ‘blood brothers and alliances who benefit each other’, expressing his hope that PREG would grow together with all partners in the new journey.

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In the past year, every achievement of PREG is impossible without everyone’s hard work. As the theme of this work and supplier conference – Winning the Future by Cooperation – implies, PREG will continue to adhere to the concept of ‘integrity, innovation and win-win cooperation’ in the new year, forging ahead and working together with partners and friends from various fields towards a brighter future.

With the Spring Festival around the corner, PREG wishes everyone good health, good fortune and a prosperous Year of the Rabbit!

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