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Cambodia EO hosts global Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Asia Bridge Forum

Cambodia EO hosts global Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Asia Bridge Forum

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More than 80 international entrepreneurs have descended into Phnom Penh for the Asia Bridge Forum (ABF), a three-day intense program of exploration and self-learning, as part of the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization which aims to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.

During the three-day tour starting on November members experienced not only the hospitality of Phnom Penh and the province touring the Kirirom Institute of Technology a private university in Cambodia that focuses on IT.

A new supportive generation of business people 

Rithy Thul Founder and CEO of a young company building affordable laptops and their own software shared how he grew up on a small island in Cambodia yet managed to learn English, computers, and coding to start his company.

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review after the delegation tour Rithy Thul said it was nice to meet people from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

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“The new generation of business people who organize to support each other socially and mentally. Being an entrepreneur sometimes is a bit lonely, having people that could listen or share some support is really helpful,” he added.

“It was fun and a relief to have the chance to share what we had gone through at KOOMPI over the years. KOOMPI has been experiencing many bumps as a hardware focus startup in Cambodia. Thankfully, the company is still breathing. By the end of 2022, we see a light at the end of the tunnel,” he added.

Challenging EO members to think about the environment

EO members also heard from Her Excellency Chea Serey, Deputy General of the National Bank of Cambodia, on her own journey as a central banker, as a mother and as a philanthropist.

As someone who deeply cares about leaving the planet in a better state for future generations, she also challenged all of the EO entrepreneurs and business owners to think about what we can do to contribute to that future.

After Phnom Penh, the EO members spent a night at vKirirom and were inspired by the sharing of the founder of the Kirirom Institute of Technology, fellow EO member Takeshi Izuka, on his journey to build his dream on 9,000 hectares of land from nothing.

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Along the way, EO members also gave back by donating books, building a bookshelf, and donating to rebuild the bathrooms of Kampong Speu Orphanage Center.

EO members also heard from the brother of the founder of the Coconut School on the innovative “Trash to Tuition” program, whereby students are required to clean up trash and bring it to school as a way of paying tuition.

Many members exploring the opportunity to invest in Cambodia

EO members thoroughly enjoyed their time in Cambodia. Many members also exploring the opportunity to invest in Cambodia.

EO Japan member Rio Kakui mentioned, “This ABF gave me fabulous experiences. Not only experiences at KIT and Coconut School in Kirirom and orphans school, but everything provided by all members involved in ABF stimulated me as mankind. Those touches make me actions still now.”

EO Singapore member Charmain Tan commented, “Being with a group of humble entrepreneurs who could be bosses of big companies but has no qualms rolling up their sleeves to build the orphanage library and to fund and rebuild their unusable toilet. – it was unbelievable”

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Duc Nguyen, EO Orange member said, “ABF was a life-changing experience for me. ABF made me more humble, more grateful and ready to take action. I came as a strange but left as an ABF family member.”

Finally, Sean Chen, EO Taipei member and ABF Chairman, mentioned, “In 2018 we were in Siem Reap. This time as ABF Chair we had another amazing event in Phnom Penh and Kirirom. Special thanks to EO Cambodia as the hosting chapter and honorable speaker Madam Chea Serey for addressing our members at Sosoro Museum.  

“We are very grateful to connect together and deep dive into Cambodia’s wonderful history, culture, cuisine, people, and business,” he added.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global organization with a high-quality support network of 16,500+ diverse business leaders from more than 60 countries. The organization aims to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning.

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