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Phillip Bank Invests in The Future with Four Interns from E2STEM Training Programme

Phillip Bank Invests in The Future with Four Interns from E2STEM Training Programme

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Cambodia’s only Singapore-owned commercial bank Phillip Bank Plc. is continuing to strengthen both its Corporate Social Responsibility and human resource capabilities by providing internship opportunities to four exceptional students enrolled in E2STEM’s training programme.

Phillip Bank has been a major sponsor of E2STEM to support Cambodia’s education and human resource development. This is also part of the bank’s vision toward digitalisation, awarding scholarships to four deserving high school students to study under this unique programme every year.

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E2STEM, a not-for-profit STEM education provider, works in a public-private partnership with the Government of Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. As a sponsor of E2STEM, Phillip Bank aims to engage scholarship students to embrace the real working environment while they are still studying.

A chance to study and explore the world 

The four students undertaking the internships with Phillip Bank are Chhorn Sopheara, Soy Hok, Phol Siphai and Neang Thary who have been assigned to the human resources, marketing, branch operation and credit admin respectively.

Speaking about their experience with E2STEM, Chhorn Sopheara commented that E2STEM was not only an institution that provides knowledge related to science or technology but also a place of opportunities. Chhorn Sopheara is undergoing her internship at Phillip Bank from  September to December 2022.

Chhorn Sopheara.

“We can develop both soft and hard skills which enable us to learn most of the vital fundamentals such as computer literacy, teamwork, and communication skill as well as a chance to participate in social activities,” she said.

Soy Hok commented that he got to know Phillip Bank through its programme at his school, adding that Phillip Bank is investing in the future generation of human resources in Cambodia. Soy Hok completed Grade 12 at E2STEM in Jan 2022 and is now still at E2STEM pursuing Higher Diploma in Software Development.

“Phillip Bank has always been a supportive corporate in providing scholarships to students to gain a chance to study and explore the world,” he said.

Phillip Bank gives back through CSR

Chhorn Sopheara said that in addition to expanding its reputation and quality, Phillip Bank is actively involved in social activities, especially through its CSR programme. This enables many in-need students to change their lives by getting a chance to study and be exposed to the world.

“Through my observation, Phillip Bank always amazes me with its give-and-take strategy. Phillip Bank not only focuses on earning profits but also gives back through alternatives such as social activities and CSR programmes,” Chhorn Sopheara said.

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Soy Hok.

Reflecting on his experience so far working for Phillip Bank, Soy Hok said there was a family feel as the Bank provides a friendly and cozy working environment to staff, and everyone treats each other like their own family.

“As a newcomer, I am lacking in many ways, but never once do they feel annoyed in explaining things to me. Therefore, I feel reassured working here. Moreover, I can see that everyone works hard in their daily responsibilities, but we also play even harder,” he added.

Developing human resources is a top priority 

Chan Mach CEO of Phillip Bank said that developing the country’s and the Bank’s human resources is a top priority for him and his management team, and he is very happy to welcome both interns to the Phillip Bank family.

“Cambodia’s financial sector is a highly competitive industry with strong demand for skilled and talented staff. This is why creating pathways through the E2STEM programme is very important for us to develop our workforce from trainees to becoming full-time staff in the future,” Chan said.

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Chhorn Sopheara.

E2STEM was developed and launched by Dr. Seet Ai Mee, Singapore’s former Minister of State for Education, with the vision to train thousands of Cambodian students who aspire for a better Cambodia and have dreams for a better world, to be independent learners and thinkers and to be the future scientists, engineers, and technologists of Cambodia. Assisting her in this endeavour is Mr Ong Teong Hoon, one of Phillip Bank’s directors who was working with her from the germination of the idea to where E2STEM is today.

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