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TrueMoney Encourages a Culture of Charity by Sponsoring the Development of Raksa Koma Foundation’s NGO Donation Platform

TrueMoney Encourages a Culture of Charity by Sponsoring the Development of Raksa Koma Foundation’s NGO Donation Platform

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One of Cambodia’s largest fintech brands, TrueMoney, is promoting Raksa Koma Foundation (RKF) by becoming the main sponsor of the organization’s new NGO donation platform in a bid to encourage​a culture of charity in the country. 

Raksa Koma Foundation is a local not-for-profit organization that was established by three founders, H.E Dr. Chea Serey, H.E Dr. Ing Kunthaphavi, and H.E Dr. Sok Siphana. The organization’s vision is to empower underprivileged Cambodian children so that they may have greater access to more opportunities and potentially create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Raksa Koma Foundation has a long history of collaborating with many local and international NGOs that work towards similar goals of providing care to underprivileged children and communities such as People Improvement Organization (PIO), Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF), Hebron Medical Center (HMC), TPO Cambodia, Hope Cambodia, Teach for Cambodia, Operation Smile Cambodia and many more. 

Another revenue stream via donation from the general public

Around late 2020, RKF had initiated the idea to develop a brand-new website to serve as a platform for local NGOs to spread the word on their work and have another revenue stream via donation from the general public. This idea came about when she saw the struggle many local NGOs faced because of dried up funding due to the pandemic. Thanks to financial and technical support from TrueMoney, a website began to be designed and developed by the fintech brand and tech company Codingate as the two companies saw fit to join hands and make this vision a reality.

Thursday, October 27, 2022 is the official launch of the website. It has an abundance of features that enable it to be extremely accessible and intuitive to navigate. Visitors to the site can find a wide array of information on important and legitimate projects being undertaken by local NGOs, and – at their discretion – can choose to donate directly to support a project via TrueMoney and/or Bakong. This allows the NGOs to raise funds through the platform and use it to sustain the project for the future.

Furthermore, as a part of TrueMoney’s mission statement of enabling everyone to have access to innovative financial services, leading to better lives, they will be using their financial services  which is the latest technology innovated by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) to promote the health, welfare, and interest of all Cambodian children from all types of backgrounds. 

Organizations that are changing the future of Cambodia

TrueMoney (Cambodia) Acting CEO Mrs. Khuon Frandara said, “It is our pleasure to be teaming up with the Raksa Koma Foundation. We want to work with organizations that are changing the future of Cambodia for the better, and they have and will continue to do so. TrueMoney is always researching ways to improve Cambodia in all its sectors, but we must always prioritize the foundation we set for our children, as they will be the ones who continue our legacy as a country.” 

TrueMoney is also calling out to all customers and the general public to help donate to Raksa Koma Foundation’s website by visiting Those who currently hold a TrueMoney wallet can easily do so by using their app, but those who do not can simply use their personal banking app by scanning the TrueMoney KHQR. 

As part of the official platform launch, TrueMoney has established TrueMoney Charity Fund by inviting employees, business partners, suppliers, TrueMoney Agents and their valued customers to take part in this good deed. TrueMoney Charity Fund has raised over  KHR 102,500,002 which equals to $25,000 as additional fund for Raksa Koma Foundation. 

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