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Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia expands its vocational training options partnering with Pernod Ricard

Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia expands its vocational training options partnering with Pernod Ricard

Gareth Johnson

Cambodia’s only internationally recognized hospitality and culinary school, the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia (ACAC) have expanded its vocation training options by launching a dedicated mixology course in partnership with the international alcohol distributor Pernod Ricard Cambodge.

Starting in 2016, the Academy trains recent high school graduates and those looking for a career switch with a two-year curriculum that includes two six-month domestic and international internships.

Launched under the theme of “Lets Talk Whisky”, the event marked the grand opening of the new bar, with 45 high-profile guests which included business leaders, journalists and members of the Cambodian royal family.

Attendees of ACAC’s “Lets Talk Whisky” event in October 2022.

The event was planned as the first in a series of “Lets Talk Alcohol” Food and Beverage (F&B) training that will be offered by the academy.

The Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia is the first Culinary Academy in Cambodia with an international hospitality curriculum in alignment with ASEAN standards and Swiss work ethos and acts as a joint-venture between the government and the private sector.

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Opening of ACAC’s new training facility

Its stated aim is to train the next generation of hospitality experts in Cambodia, which of course includes mixologists. The bar is therefore part of the wider F&B programme offering not only a great new place for patrons to drink but also an extra avenue for students to learn practically.

Bruno Cardone, Dean at the Academy, announced: “We are very excited about the partnership between Pernod Ricard Cambodge and the Academy, and of course, the opening of our brand-new bar which will serve as an excellent venue for our upcoming F&B courses as there is an entire world in beverage knowledge, complementing the culinary sector”.

The newly launched bar at ACAC in Phnom Penh.

ACAC is under the Professional Institute of Excellence, an Association owned and chaired by the Cambodian Tourism Federation which brings strong alliances with the leaders of established hotels and restaurants and provides students with unparalleled opportunities for internships, on-the-job training, and guaranteed job placements upon graduation

Speaking directly to Cambodia Investment Review their involvement Scotsman Iain Thompson, Beverage Expert and Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Cambodge, stated: “The launch event was a perfect way to introduce the partnership between Pernod Ricard Cambodge and ACAC. We are all incredibly excited to see where this partnership will lead us as we look to introduce a wide range of training courses and events in the future.”

Training is key developing the hospitality industry

Pernod Ricard is a French company best known for its anise-flavored pastis apéritifs Pernod Anise and Ricard Pastis, as well as owning a number of other high-profile brands, including Chivas and Absolute Vodka. Globally it is the second biggest retailer of liquor in the world after Diageo.

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Speaking about the course Thomson commented: “Trainees on this course will be provided with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to begin their journey into the world of alcohol, focusing on Scotch Whisky.

Pernod Ricard has stocked the facility with its finest products.

“Working with the talented team at the ACAC, we want to highlight how versatile Scotch Whisky is and show the possibility of designing creative food pairings. Pairing whisky with food in a harmonious manner is a matter of contrasting and complementary flavors. The challenge in coupling the food and the beverage items is not to overwhelm either, but to enhance both,” he added.

Cambodia’s tourism and hospitability industry has been tasked with increasing the number of high-value tourist destinations and increasing the average spending by tourists in Cambodia. According to reports before the pandemic, Cambodia earned $4.919 billion pre-COVID in 2019 from tourism and is considered a pillar of the country’s economy.

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