Panasonic Cambodia and ISI Dangkor Senchey FC to become strategic business partners in providing clean air solution with nanoeX technology enabled air-conditioners

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Panasonic Cambodia has become the strategic business partner for the Phnom Penh-based football club ISI Dangkor Senchey FC which competes in the Kingdom’s flagship Cambodian Premier League by providing its nanoeX technology air-conditioners in player’s room of AIA stadium, KMH Park.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) singing ceremony took place at the inauguration of AIA Stadium, KMH Park between Mr. Kang Sen, President of ISI DSC FC, Mr. Yasunobu Matsumoto, Country Head of Panasonic Cambodia along with several other business partners.

The company’s flagship nanoeX technology will assist to not only prevent sports personnel and staff being exposed to harmful viruses and bacteria, but also will deodorize the player’s rooms.

Panasonic nanoeX technology

nanoeX was created to inhibit 5 types of pollutants using capsules of water containing an abundance of OH radicals. Panasonic already boasts the use of nanoeX devices in several industries across the world. Learn more about nanoeX technology: nanoeX | Panasonic Cambodia

Team rooms at the AIA stadium, KMH Park.

Mr. Yasunobu Matsumoto the Country Head of Panasonic Cambodia said “We are honored to become business partners with ISI Dangkor Senchey FC and provide the football club with our nanoeX technology air-conditioner to assist the players and staff from harmful viruses and bacteria,”

“In addition, the partnership also follows Panasonic Cambodia’s strong connection with the Cambodian Premier League as well as our global company’s connection with sporting clubs and events more broadly,” he added.

Supporting the Cambodia Premier League

Panasonic Cambodia has been working closely with Cambodia Premier League (CPL) since its establishment.

Panasonic Cambodia continues to support sports personnel in Cambodia to further improve their career in the football field through the sponsoring of events and competitions which is part of the company vision.

Team rooms at the AIA stadium, KMH Park.

The Panasonic Group had the highest level of sponsorship for Olympic and Paralympic Games through the Olympic Games Paris in 2024 and was also a sponsor of both the Paralympic and Olympic games that were recently held in Tokyo.

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