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Cambodian Climate Change Summit 2022 set to bring together leading actors on themes of environmental collaboration and sustainability

Cambodian Climate Change Summit 2022 set to bring together leading actors on themes of environmental collaboration and sustainability

Cambodia Investment Review

The Cambodia Climate Change Summit (CCCS22), a Ministry of Environment event organized in partnership with the Mekong Future Initiative, is returning this year to showcase the Kingdom’s latest efforts toward sustainability and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The main themes of the CCCS22, which will be held in Siem Reap from October 17 to 19, are collaboration and sustainability, with the aim to connect and discuss solutions to some of the most pressing environmental issues faced today both in Cambodia and beyond.

Cambodia Investment Review is the official media partner for the summit and will be attending and reporting live from the event. To read more about Cambodia Investment Review as the official media partner click here.

Cambodia’s net-zero carbon development pathway

U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia W. Patrick Murphy commented: “It is our pleasure to participate in and provide sponsorship for the Cambodian Climate Change Summit 2022. This important gathering underlines the commitment of the United States in partnering with Cambodia to achieve the Kingdom’s net-zero carbon development pathway.

“This Summit highlights the diversity of investments and innovations taking place throughout the Kingdom to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The United States will continue to scale up many of these efforts through our numerous partnerships across Cambodia. Only together can we meet our shared commitments to addressing the climate crisis,” W. Patrick Murphy added.

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Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2022 will be hosted in Siem Reap.

During the first day, international experts, practitioners, civil society organizations, NGOs and businesses leaders will both witness and deliver a wide variety of presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions, activities and more. Day two will see a dedicated Cambodia Climate Change Youth Summit, alongside tree planting activities to offset the carbon footprint from the event.

The official partner of the climate summit is USAID. It has also received sponsorship from other local and international companies, including Forte and Heineken, with secondary sponsorship from Oxfam and Smart. There will also be partners hosting their own sessions at the event, as well as speakers, panelists, and moderators all contributing and collaborating for an environmentally sustainable future.

Hopes the summit will inspire more collaboration

On behalf of the UK Embassy, Ambassador Designate Dominic Williams said that the importance of this event cannot be understated.

“The world is facing a climate crisis. We all need to act now to reduce global warming, before we lose the ability to adapt to its effects. As COP26 President, the UK worked closely with Mekong Future Initiative to launch Cambodia’s first climate change summit last year and is delighted it is being held again this year,” Dominic Williams said.

“The summit supports the UK’s climate change agenda, which is among the most ambitious in the world.  Since 2000 we have decarbonized our economy faster than any country in the G20,” Dominic Williams added.

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He said that the UK has a broad range of far-reaching initiatives – such as committing in law to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050; and hopes the summit will inspire collaboration between government, development partners, the private sector and young people and encourage and support Cambodia to put into action its own ambitious commitments.

“As a small demonstration of our commitment to this agenda, the Embassy team will be driving up to Siem Reap in an electric vehicle – the very first time we have taken it on such a long journey,” added Ambassador Designate Dominic Williams.

Although any event which required registration is now at full capacity, the Sustainable Solutions EXPO will be open to all members of the public to visit. Those unable to attend can also tune in via Zoom on Tuesday 18th from 7:30 – 18:00 and participate in the full program of events.

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