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Physiolac celebrates 10 years of achievements in the Cambodian market

Physiolac celebrates 10 years of achievements in the Cambodian market

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Laboratoires Gilbert, the manufacturer of leading baby and infant formula Physiolac, has conducted a three-day visit to Cambodia hosting an appreciation dinner for its top 20 customers and highlighting its fantastic achievements in the Cambodian market over the last 10 years.

Physiolac, is one of the Kingdom’s most high-quality formulas, developed by infant nutrition experts and manufactured in France the formula has been specifically adapted to the nutritional needs of children, in accordance with all regulations, guarantees long-term well-being and good development.

Physiolac, which is also a Norman family business, states they are very committed to the quality of all their products the formula contains key ingredients such as DHA for a child’s cognitive development, and FOS and GOS Fibers for a child’s digestive and immune development.  

Physiolac one of the top choices among Cambodian mothers 

Top management from Laboratoires Gilbert, a French pharmaceutical laboratory, who attended the three-day visit included the Chairman Mr. Cedric Batteur and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Pierre Eric Dauxerre.

The appreciation dinner hosted in Phnom Penh invited the top 20 Physiolac customers in Cambodia who have shown strong support for the brand over the last 10 years when it first entered the local market in 2012.

Physiolac celebrates 10 years of achievements at a gala dinner in Phnom Penh.

Speaking at the appreciation dinner, Mr. Pierre Eric Dauxerre commented that because of its great achievements in the Cambodian market for more than a decade, Physiolac had become one of the top choices among Cambodian mothers, adding, that he understands the growing market demand.

“We thank the Cambodian parents who decided to choose our products for their beloved children. We are committed to providing a high-quality product for the health of your children. And we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to our customers for your support and trust in our products,” Mr. Pierre Eric Dauxerre said.

“Today is a great day and I have had a chance to have dinner with our top 20 customers who have shown strong support for Physiolac for more than 10 years,” he added

Physiolac has strong supply chains to Cambodia

Despite the strain on international supply chains, Physiolac has committed to securing a sufficient stock of infant formulas in Cambodia with Physiolac products easily accessible and available everywhere in Cambodia at baby and kid’s stores as well as the pharmacy and local supermarkets.

Jean-Michel Guihard, Managing Director, Groupe Batteur Hong Kong Laboratoires Gilbert has previously commented: “We are watching the situation closely and remain committed to the market in Cambodia. We have sufficient capacity to be able to satisfy demand and serve the people of Cambodia.”

Physiolac infant products are available throughout Cambodia.

The company also commented that because Physiolac sources its ingredients from Europe, it will not face any shortages of raw materials to manufacture Physiolac. Hence, Physiolac continues to secure sufficient stock of infant formula in the country.

Cambodia’s infant formula market has been steadily growing over the last ten years with estimates the Cambodian baby formula market will rise to around $74 million by 2030.

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