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AmCham launches ‘Empower Her’ mentoring program to support and empower women in the Cambodian workplace

AmCham launches ‘Empower Her’ mentoring program to support and empower women in the Cambodian workplace

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American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham) has launched the ‘Empower Her’ program designed to assist young female professionals in Cambodia in their early careers where they require the most support to develop and grow in their professional lives.

The program has been designed so that mentor and mentee are matched based on the mentor’s unique strengths and the mentee’s unique challenges with 29 mentees and 18 mentors signing up.

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The program will run for three months from October to December 2022 and consist of two one-hour coaching sessions per month. The mentor will guide the mentee through coaching sessions on areas where the mentor has the experience and proven success in their own career and endeavor.

Support and empower women in the workplace

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review at the program launch at Baitong Hotel in Phnom Penh Mrs. Kim Tol Tan AmCham Vice President and Chair of the Women’s Committee said she was excited to launch the Empower Her mentoring program to support and empower women in the workplace.

Mrs. Kim Tol Tan AmCham Vice President and Chair of the Women’s Committee.

“This three-month mentoring program is designed to provide young female professionals in their early careers with access to more senior level professionals who have the experience to assist them with development for them to grow in their personal and professional lives,” Kim said.

“We are confident that this program will be mutually beneficial for both the mentees and mentors. The mentees will be able to strengthen and improve in areas where they need support, and mentors will gain greater self-confidence, improve their leadership skills, and increase their effective communication skills, all the while helping to pay it forward,” she added.

AmCham’s Women’s Committee

Early this year, the chamber signed a joint work plan with the US Embassy of Phnom Penh as one of the fourth pillars of the joint work plan is supporting Cambodia’s female business in the community including increasing awareness and addressing gender disparity faced by women in businesses.

Travis Mitchell, AmCham Executive Director told Cambodia Investment Review that supporting young women in business has been a core initiative of AmCham this year.

“Our Women’s Committee has worked hard to provide opportunities to engage women and provide opportunities to amplify their voices,” he added.

Travis Mitchell, AmCham Executive Director.

The theme for this year was “Empowering Women Through Collaboration.” With this year’s theme, the committee focuses on work that empowers women in collaboration with private organizations, the public sector, and non-profit organizations to raise awareness and provide the necessary support to empower women in the workplace and their businesses.

The Women’s Committee is critical to the promotion of the Cambodian business community and remains one of the Chamber’s top priorities. The committee is designed to be inclusive of everyone who wants to improve the business environment and looks forward to working with all stakeholders who want to contribute to this mission

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