Meta’s Annual Marketing Summit is coming to Cambodia to help businesses get future-ready

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Meta is expanding its annual Marketing Summit on Thursday, 29 September 2022 to more countries in Asia Pacific this year, which includes Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The Summit will bring together global and regional leaders to explore and discuss technologies and trends impacting our businesses today, such as Business Messaging, Metaverse & Marketing, Discovery Commerce, Creators for Business, and many more. The Summit, which is the fourth installment in Southeast Asia, will expand to these countries for the first time this year.

The Summit will feature opening addresses by Michelle Klein, VP, Global Business Marketing, and Benjamin Joe, Vice President for Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets at Meta who will talk about the future of the metaverse and opportunities for businesses, and how Meta is supporting the metaverse ecosystem through collaboration with industry partners, experts and policymakers.

Following, the opening session, Jordi Fornies, Director for Emerging Markets at Meta in Asia Pacific, and Rafael Frankel, Public Policy Director for Emerging Markets at Meta in Asia Pacific, will talk about Meta’s core beliefs to build products that act as a bridge to help people connect, find communities and grow businesses — to be at the intersection where businesses meet communities.

They will also share some of the initiatives to drive digital upskilling and transformation for businesses in these emerging markets in APAC, and shine a light on inspiring businesses that have reinvented their business models to adapt to challenges.

“We are excited to bring Meta’s annual Marketing Summit to Cambodia this year. Our theme for this year’s Summit is ‘Where today meets tomorrow’, where we will dive into the key trends and technologies to help businesses and communities discover opportunities to grow their business and drive economic growth. This annual Summit is an exciting opportunity for people to exchange ideas and insights and form meaningful connections with others, and to help them navigate the challenges of tomorrow,” said Jordi Fornies, Director for Emerging Markets at Meta in Asia Pacific.

Global and regional marketing leaders, such as Eva Chen, VP, Fashion Partnerships at Meta and Gary Vaynerchuck, Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia, will also dive into other topics, such as:

  • Connecting through Discovery Commerce: The importance of discovery through innovation, andhow businesses can engage with their customers through personalized experiences with the right tools and technology
  • Elevating the success of entrepreneurs: How Meta technologies empower small and medium-sized businesses across diverse industries to innovate, connect, and grow sustainably
  • Inspiring creativity across social media: How brands and creators can leverage Reels and video formats to build meaningful and sustained connections with people through rich and textured storytelling experiences.

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