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Prince Security Service aims to address the unmet security needs of Cambodia

Prince Security Service aims to address the unmet security needs of Cambodia

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Prince Security Service is aiming to address the growing need for private security in Cambodia after the Kingdom’s last ten year construction boom and increasing urbanization means more than 2,400 high-rise buildings in Cambodia now need protecting.

Established in 2018 to fill this gap Prince Security Service now has one of the best-trained and most disciplined uniform security guard forces with comprehensive service coverage in both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.

Mr. Benjie Liu Managing Director of Prince Security Service told Cambodia Investment Review the firm has now established a wealth of experience and expertise in protecting and securing commercial properties and business facilities, as well as other critical assets.

Mr. Benjie Liu Managing Director of Prince Security.

“We want to safeguard the commercial, retail and residential areas of Cambodia with our well-trained Prince Security Service guards. We envision Prince Security Service as one of Cambodia’s most trusted and reliable brands when it comes to security services,” Liu said.

Under Cambodian law, all private security companies must be registered with the department of the National Police, the firm is licensed to offer services including building security, event security, and counter-surveillance services such as bug sweeping.

“We are also transitioning into security tech solutions provider by incorporating Internet of Things devices into our offerings. I like to picture Prince Security Service as being a trusted, reliable, and forward-thinking security firm in Cambodia,” Liu added.

The three C’s of Prince Security Service

According to Liu, the company operates under its three C’s mantra of being connected, credible and current.

  • Connected – We understand our client’s pain points and continuously strive to improve through regular feedback and enhancement of our services. In terms of hygiene factors, clients want security personnel who are well-trained, disciplined, and presentable.  
  • Credible – We provide extensive training upon onboarding and run refresher training periodically; we ensure that our guards are well disciplined through our rewards and penalty system. Training includes firefighting, building evacuation, first-aid, crowd control, customer service, traffic control, and self-defence to ensure they are always ready for emergencies.
  • Current – We are always trying to be ahead by incorporating technology into our daily operations. Some of our security personnel are body cam-equipped. We use thermal cameras for night patrols, and counter surveillance is our recent addition to meet market demand.

“More clients are realizing the value of good security and look towards security companies that incorporate tech in keeping infrastructure and personnel safe. Increasingly, security is no longer just about placing uniformed men and women at the front of a building,” Liu said.

All selected Prince Security Service security personnel undergo a two-week induction training at the firm’s headquarters to ensure they are equipped with fundamental knowledge such as patrol routines, pat-down procedures, and knowledge of Cambodian law.

Adapting to Cambodia’s fast-changing business environment

“Premium security services in Cambodia such as Prince Security Service have adapted to the fast-changing business environment and ensure our security personnel will have regular medical tests, random drug tests, and perform standard background checks,” Liu said.

The range of training at these firms, even for the most basic security staff, will include fire-fighting, first aid, and how to deal with emergency countermeasures.

“At Prince Security Service, we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance security. One of the areas we recently rollout is counter-surveillance, where our clients’ premises are scanned to remove any surveillance devices such as pinhole cameras, listening bugs, etc,” Liu said.

Prince Security Service security personnel undertake counter-surveillance measures.

The firm has also installed body cams for all patrol inspectors, which is already common practice worldwide for law enforcement agents.

Looking to the future Liu foresees that Prince Security Service will be able to achieve its goal of becoming the leading one-stop solution provider for all security needs of the Cambodian market.

“To become the market leader, we will continue to redefine the industry’s standards by offering security services that are connected to our client’s needs in a credible and current manner,” Liu said.

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