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Cambodia’s largest career fair of 2022 showcases over 15,000 jobs and internships

Cambodia’s largest career fair of 2022 showcases over 15,000 jobs and internships

Tom Starkey

Career Fair 2022, hosted by CamboJobs under the theme “Career and Technology”, saw some 100 private companies, 10 schools, and multiple NGOs come together to connect with potential new recruits.

The event also had a number of speeches, exhibitions, and seminars on the role of technology in the workplace and its impact on the future while giving budding job-seekers a chance to have on-the-spot interviews with some of the largest companies in Cambodia.

Touch Youlong, Senior Operator at CamboJobs, said fairs like this are very important for Cambodia, especially now. 

“As everyone knows, we just came out of a global pandemic where lots of people lost their jobs. Fairs like this give people a place to connect with multiple opportunities. It is also a great opportunity for students who are planning for their future to get experience in interviewing for big companies,” Touch Youlong said.

Commenting on the importance of the event for where Cambodia is at development-wise, he said that although growth has already resumed in the post-Covid era, this jobs fair puts an exclamation mark on it.

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“The turnout today and the 1,000s of jobs available show that the Cambodian business space is thriving. Companies such as Food Panda and Canadia Bank are looking for around 4,000 new members alone. Also, around half of the companies joining today are backed by foreign investment, so it’s a testament to the faith in Cambodia’s economic development to continue,” Touch Youlong said

He reflected that this year’s theme also serves to highlight an important change in how people find jobs.

Positive indicators of Cambodia’s post-Covid bounce back

“We have seminars about technology, such as on the growing role of robots in the workplace and how technology-inspired automation will become common. It’s about introducing what the future of work will look like, which is really important in developing countries such as Cambodia,” he said.

“I would encourage people to catch up with technology, 5 or 6 years ago people looked for jobs on posters or through word of mouth. Now jobs are online, so people need to use technology to start searching for jobs. Events like this emphasize the importance of switching to that technology,” he added.

Manning a stall at the event, Narong Heng – Sales director of JF Capital – said events like these are positive indicators of Cambodia’s post-covid bounce back and bright future.

“An important thing about today is to show Cambodia has had a very fast recovery from lockdown and showcase the extensive amount of opportunity for young Cambodians. It means that they don’t need to look for a job abroad but can get good opportunities right here,” Narong Heng explained.

Around 100 private companies, 10 schools, and multiple NGOs come together to connect with potential new recruits

He commented that JF capital has a wide range of jobs that are not only good opportunities but will help employees better understand the global investment sphere as part of their work.

“The training we provide means students can help people begin trading worldwide, as well as even beginning themselves. Experience with us will let them know how the world market is working. Our company is set up in Phnom Penh, but we hope to expand regionally within 5 years. Things like this are just the start, so this is an exciting time for someone to join the company,” he added. 

Mr Chea Sathya, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science at CamTech University, said as a new university, events like this present a good opportunity for exposure. 

“We offer lots of options for students both before, during, and after study. There are many students coming here who are looking for job and internship opportunities. We have new and attractive science and technology majors which students might be interested in if they want to change their major, but also we have great internships and graduate programs,” Chea Sathya said.

There are possibilities to develop opportunities through our partners, such as the Canadia Group, Chip Mong and more. They can help connect them with opportunities depending on an institutional agreement.

Connecting international talent with opportunities in Cambodia

Also in attendance was the Co-Founder of Next Step International Josh Downs, an international recruitment company that specializes in connecting international talent with opportunities in Cambodia.

He said, “events like this show that there are plenty of opportunities for both local and foreign talent in Cambodia.”

“Whether it be private businesses, NGOs or international schools, there are positions spanning a range of departments and skill levels, meaning there really is something for everyone,” Josh Downs explained

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He said that the event served to not only evidence that the Cambodian business space has resumed its pre-pandemic growth but is more ambitious than ever.

“Each stall here is advertising 10 or 20 positions at a minimum, which just goes to show the appetite for expansion and clearly the market opportunity here to do so. We foresee this being a continuing trend which will further instill confidence for investment in the Kingdom,” he commented. 

“It is a win-win situation for job-seekers, investors, Cambodia, and the country’s wider economic development going forward,” he added.

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