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Prudential Cambodia launches PRUMyhealth to make access to healthcare in Cambodia and ASEAN more affordable

Prudential Cambodia launches PRUMyhealth to make access to healthcare in Cambodia and ASEAN more affordable

Cambodia Investment Review

Prudential, the largest life insurer in Cambodia, has launched PruMyHealth package to make access to quality medical treatment in Cambodia and ASEAN countries more affordable for more people in Cambodia. This package is available through Prudential’s own consultants.  

Out-of-pocket medical expenses in Cambodia reached $856 million, reflecting the financial stress that Cambodian households face upon unforeseen health and medical conditions.

PruMyHealth is a medical reimbursement product designed to offer customers the choice of receiving medical treatment in Cambodia and other ASEAN countries. PruMyHealth customers can select their preferred treatment arrangements within the ASEAN region, with the medical reimbursement coverage amount up to USD 50,000.

Additionally, in a first of its kind in Cambodia, customers can enjoy a ‘cashless experience’ upon check out at partnered hospitals without upfront payments for eligible treatments.

PruMyHealth package is available for customers aged between 18-60 and starts with an affordable premium rate of $0.4 a day. PruMyHealth customers can access a wide range of top-quality medical treatment across ASEAN, including cancer, in- and outpatient treatments and pregnancy complications.

“Our research findings indicate 4 out of 5 Cambodians are concerned about out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Core to our mission, we developed PruMyHealth to make accessing quality healthcare in Cambodia and other ASEAN countries more affordable for more Cambodian consumers,” said Sanjay Chakrabarty, Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Cambodia.

To further improve the customer experience, customers can choose from a range of payment options including KHQR. Customers can also sign up for Prudential’s free holistic health and wealth management app, Pulse by Prudential, where they can view and manage their policies, including updating the beneficiary information.

Pulse is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mobile app designed to bring holistic health and wealth solutions to Prudential customers. With Pulse, customers can take an AI-powered health assessment, join an online community for shared interests (such as running, dancing or young mothers), locate the nearest hospital and learn how to manage their finances better through educational content. The app is available on both Android and iOS, free to download and register with a click of a button.

For more information on PRUMyHealth, customers can contact Prudential hotline at 1800-212223 (toll free) or click the link here.

Pulse – Prudential’s Health and Wealth Management app, is available for download by clicking here.

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