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Prudential Cambodia announces additional staff benefits to fulfil its long-term ESG commitment

Prudential Cambodia announces additional staff benefits to fulfil its long-term ESG commitment

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Leading life and health insurance provider Prudential Cambodia announced today that it will be introducing additional benefits for its staff to instill diversity and inclusion in its workplace and to support the health and wellbeing of its employees.

This aligns with the insurer’s purpose to help its staff get the most out of life by supporting them to connect, grow and succeed at Prudential.  

The company’s flagship employee benefit scheme has 3 focus areas. The first is to offer extra leaves to staff to volunteer for charitable causes or pursue education or vocational training. Second is to offer stronger support to employees with new parenting responsibilities. The third is the overall health and wellness of Prudential’s staff.

Prudential employees will be entitled to 3 additional paid leaves to volunteer for charitable causes and can get up to 12 months sabbatical leave to develop skills.

Sanjay Chakrabarty, Chief Executive Officer at Prudential said: “We believe that our employees work with us because they share our mission to make healthcare and insurance accessible and affordable to all Cambodians. With this shared sense of purpose, many of them want to positively contribute to the Cambodian society.

Prudential Cambodia Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Chakrabarty.

Some do this by volunteering for charitable causes, others by pursuing education or a vocational training. Therefore, we wanted to ensure we are supporting our employees to become a positive force in the Cambodian society.”  

Support to employees with new parenting responsibilities

To offer stronger support to employees with new parenting responsibilities, Prudential has increased fully paid maternity leave for female staff from 3 months to 4 months with additional 1 month phase back period.

Meanwhile, they can choose to not take the 4 months leave and take the option of a $250 monthly maternity allowance for 6 months granted to support their return to the workforce after the delivery.

Male staff will also have increased paid paternity leave of 15 days from 5 days. These entitlements are well above the local statutory requirements of 3 months and 50% paid maternity leave, and 5 days of paid paternity leave.

Balaji Ravi, Chief Financial Officer, said: “We developed this initiative to offer greater support to our colleagues as they welcome new members into their families, and we believe it will help provide more opportunities to develop the next generation of female leaders in Cambodia.”  

To increase the overall health and wellness of Prudential’s staff Prudential is offering free physical training activities at its office to encourage employees to take care of their physical wellbeing.

It also provides additional programs to ensure their access to support on mental wellbeing when they need, conveniently and confidentially through its 24/7 counselling and coaching services.

A working environment employees can trust

Kerry Ling, Chief Human Resources Officer said: “Our employees are young, with the median age at 27. At this young age, they shoulder the responsibility of a job, taking care of aging parents and starting a family.

The pandemic has increased various levels of stress our employees experience. Therefore, we have made 24/7 counselling and coaching available to our staff within an environment they can trust.”

Additionally, the insurer has trained select staff as certified mental health first aiders to connect employees with mental health professionals. These mental health champions are trained to identify potential issues, offer initial help and guidance within our staff community.

This year, Prudential will also celebrate a Group Wellness Day to collectively rest and recharge.

Prudential has embarked on a long-term commitment to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy as well as an overall approach to responsible business. A key focus area is promoting diversity and inclusion and to help their staff bring their best to work every day.

These initiatives announced today are key steps forward to deliver on this commitment. 

With the company’s inclusive product offerings, talent development, and continued community investment, Prudential Cambodia helps Cambodians protect and secure their financial futures through different facets of their everyday lives. 

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