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Lamborghini launches Huracán Tecnica to the Cambodian market

Lamborghini launches Huracán Tecnica to the Cambodian market

Gareth Johnson

At an event held by Lamborghini at Factory Phnom Penh, the Huracán Tecnica was presented as the company’s latest entry in Cambodia’s high-end car market. 

The event included a presentation by Francesco Scardaoni, Asia Pacific Regional Director for Lamborghini on the plans for the car maker, an open Q&A session with journalists, as well as the unveiling of the Huracán Tecnica.

Amidst much fanfare attendees, including car enthusiasts, Lamborghini customers, and the press, were treated to the unveiling of the latest addition to the Lamborghini family within the Kingdom, the Huracán Tecnica.

Huracán Tecnica in Cambodia

The car itself has a V10 5.2 l engine producing 640 CV and 565 Nm torque at 6,500 rpm and boasts a top speed of 325 kilometers per hour, as well as being able to hit 1-100 in a mere 3.2 seconds. 

Modeled on the STO sports car, several modifications have been made to make it a viable vehicle to drive on the street, even in Cambodia.

Francesco Scardaoni explained: “This is a niche car, with all the advantages of a sports car, but adapted for roadworthiness. We are creating a bridge between sports car enthusiasts and everyday car needs if you will”.  

Enthusiasts are now being invited to pre-order the car, after which they will get the chance to download an app, from where they can trace its production to delivery, as well as receive exclusive collectible gifts, such as a miniature of the car, as well as signed photos among others to add to the “Lamborghini Experience”.

The interior of the Huracán Tecnica.

Most importantly though customers would have the chance to be part of the design process with Scardaoni adding: “By buying directly from Lamborghini customers are essentially custom designing their own car, much like a suit”.  

Something not available on the so-called “grey market” when it comes to buying the vehicle.

Answering a question directly from Cambodia Investment Review regarding said grey market Scardaoni explained they do not want people to buy from other markets for many reasons. 

“Firstly if you do this you will completely miss the Lamborghini experience of designing and creating your own car. More importantly, the warranty of the car is based on its territoriality. If it is not purchased in Cambodia from an authorized dealer, it is not covered should something go wrong,” he said.

He also addressed the after-care element of the company, something often seen as lacking within the automotive industry within Cambodia. 

“With our after-sales, we usually either have the part on-hand or can get it between 3-7 days. And at worst we will provide a temporary car to our customers while their’s is being fixed,” he added.

The importance of the Cambodian market to Lamborghini

According to the company, which first officially entered the Cambodian market in 2020, its first year saw impressive sales, which were improved upon in 2021. 

This was a trend continuing into 2022, with the company stating that their H1 figures suggested they would again have a record year. 

“Cambodia is the 5th highest growing economy in the world. We feel that Cambodia can not only catch up with its neighbors but can rewrite the history of high-end car sale growth within the region,” Scardaoni said.

The Huracán Tecnica is the latest edition to the Lamborghini collection in Cambodia.

The company further added that this launch, which was part of what it termed the “celebration of the combustion engine” would mark one of the last major introductions of petrol-based cars into the Kingdom and beyond. 

Lamborghini plans to introduce hybrid cars by 2024, with intentions to go fully electric by 2028.

Customers wishing to purchase the car could do so by pre-order through local authorized seller HGB Group in Cambodia.

And as to whether such a car and its low center of gravity were suited to the Cambodian environment and infrastructure Scardaoni had this final remark.

“Roads are getting better in Cambodia, such as the new highway to Sihanoukville, with more being planned/ We hope to work with the government on making Cambodia much more sports car friendly,” he said.

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