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Time to rise: Cellcard breaks the mold with first-to-market initiative that demonstrates next-level influencer marketing

Time to rise: Cellcard breaks the mold with first-to-market initiative that demonstrates next-level influencer marketing

Cambodia Investment Review

Over the past years, Cellcard has been building the influencer market – starting with Cambodia’s first reality show in search for the country’s most promising influencers; Cellcard Netidol, the launch of influencer-led content channel; Cellcard Play, and continuous development of unique and viral content.

The brand’s efforts in utilising, promoting and supporting talents has exponentially expanded adoption of influencer marketing and fueled the growth of the community; more influencers are introduced regularly, roles for micro influencers are starting to be recognised, and more branded influencer contents are being distributed.

Currently Cellcard has amassed a pool of some of the most popular influencers across various categories of interest to endorse the brand, create content, and build relevance among the youth segments.

This includes a select few who are recognised as Cellcard’s Brand Ambassadors, signed to personify the brand’s values, personality and intentions. However to continue leveraging talent to create differentiation, the brand had to find new ways of engagement.

Time to rise!

In a competitive market that offers a plethora of telco bundles defined by their dollar-value exchange, operators have to either play the numbers game or think out-of-the-box and create a paradigm shift.

With the launch of Time To Rise, Cellcard redefines its brand ambassadorship engagement to break the mold, provide a new criteria by which consumers evaluate products, and test the limits of fandom.

Time To Rise is a subscription plan and SIM bundle created in collaboration with Brand Ambassador VannDa and inspired by the aspirations of his historic hit song of the same title which broke the Cambodian record for the most views – the first song release in Cambodian history to exceed 1M views in less than 24 hours and tracking at over 90M views to date.

Cellcard, Vannda and Baramey Music launch their Time to Rise campaign at the Royal Railway Phnom Penh.

The product is a first-to-market initiative – the first time a telco bundle is developed and marketed together with an artist, creating an even tighter and more relevant association, and serving as an active example of an evolved form of brand endorsement.

On the product offer, Time To Rise, also marks the introduction of Spotify, one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world. Subscribers to the plan will enjoy unlimited Spotify streaming data to access digital music, podcast, and videos from creators around the world.

The launch comes in time for Cellcard’s 25th anniversary celebration, highlighting the momentous event with a product innovation to commemorate its long history of firsts and its enduring commitment towards enriching its customers’ experiences and digital lifestyles. 

“For our 25th anniversary it is imperative that we celebrate it with our customers and what better way to celebrate a long history of innovation than with an innovation that gives a unique value to our subscribers.

Cambodian music artists VannDa.

The title “Time to Rise” originated from a collaborative campaign between Cellcard and VannDa’s music label, Baramey. It was part of the announcement that VannDa was joining Cellcard as a new brand ambassador in 2021, as well as the beginning of the two companies’ partnership.

On this 2nd year of engagement with Baramey and VannDa, our intent is to create an even closer collaboration than ever before, which resulted in the Time To Rise product.

It offers our subscribers a new way to evaluate products’ value and pays homage to a talent that has been leading the development of the music industry and Cambodian recognition on the world stage.” – Simon Perkins, Cellcard CEO.

Cellcard and Spotify join!

The Time to Rise product range offer bundles inclusive of unlimited Spotify streaming data, extra data allowance, calls and SMS, as well as 1-year balance rollover. The range consists of 2 SKUs;  4,000 Riels plan with 5GB, 500 on-net calls and 500 on-net SMS for 7 days, and 24,000 Riels plan with 40GB, 4,000 on-net calls and 4,000 on-net SMS for 35 days.

The product is available as a subscription plan for those who already have a Cellcard SIM, and as a SIM pack with exclusive Time To Rise and Vannda merchandise for the higher SKU SIM kit, which includes a fabric mask, sticker and VannDa photo card in limited quantities.

“With Cellcard Time To Rise plans making Spotify more accessible for Cambodian music lovers, cross-border collaboration in music such as “Run the Town” can be listened to across the world and more importantly, this is a groundbreaking moment in music industry history.

The Time to Rise plans open the door to Cambodia’s participation in the international music scene precisely because it creates opportunities for all Khmer artists to collaborate and share revenues with international artists on platforms like Spotify. 

Cellcards Time to Rise campaign features several leading influencers.

I would like to thank Cellcard for being a visionary partner that recognises the true potential of Cambodian music and its readiness for international ambitions.

Finally, I would like to congratulate both Vannda and Cellcard on their incredible hard work in pushing our Cambodian music industry forward with pride and dignity.” – Laura Mam, Baramey Production CEO.

A full ad campaign across traditional media, digital and on-ground is being rolled out to promote Time To Rise with plenty content created by, and with, VannDa and Baramey Productions.

Time To Rise SIM packs with the 4,000 Riels plan is available at all dealers nationwide. Meanwhile the Time To Rise SIM packs with the 24,000 Riels plan and Time To Rise merchandise is exclusively available at all Cellcard stores, convenience stores and delivery apps such as Nham24, SmileShop, WingMall among others.

For more information on the Time To Rise product visit or Cellcard’s Facebook Page.

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