Cambodia Investment Review

Prudential Cambodia achieves strong growth while supporting the development and recovery of Cambodia

Prudential Cambodia achieves strong growth while supporting the development and recovery of Cambodia

Cambodia Investment Review

Prudential Cambodia posted strong revenue growth while continuing its long-term mission of advancing financial inclusion, investing in digital capabilities, and being a responsible corporate citizen.

The life and health insurance provider collected $65 million in premiums, a 4% revenue growth over 2020 despite COVID-19 headwinds. As a result, its total assets under management increased to $259 million.

Sanjay Chakrabarty, CEO of Prudential Cambodia said the 2021 financial results showcased the strength and resilience of Cambodia’s economy as well as the success of the company’s multi-channel distribution strategy and affordable insurance solutions for diverse customer needs.

“We are committed to making healthcare and insurance accessible and affordable for all Cambodians. We have been investing in the future of Cambodia, particularly in infrastructure and developing digital capabilities in the financial sector, to realise this goal with our customers, partners and community together” said Sanjay Chakrabarty.

Making insurance more accessible 

Advancing financial inclusion in Cambodia is a driving mission for the company since its establishment in 2013. Today, a decade later, life insurance penetration has increased to 0.5% of the population, which highlights the continual growth potential for the industry.

Two of the most common barriers to insurance purchase for Cambodians are cost and convenience of purchase. Prudential is addressing this by offering simple and affordable digital insurance products starting at as low as $10 per year.

The company’s flagship artificial intelligence-powered health and wealth management mobile app, ‘Pulse’, enables customers to purchase most life insurance policies within five minutes at the point of sales. Pulse also helps assess and approve claims more quickly, providing customers with timely access to funds when they need them most.

“As a leading insurer, we want to do our part and ensure insurance is accessible and affordable for all Cambodians. Technology is making it possible for all health and wealth services to be available to customers via their phones at a lower cost,” said Sanjay Chakrabarty.

Sanjay Chakrabarty
Prudential Cambodia CEO Sanjay Chakrabarty implored students to work for Prudential to help make healthcare and insurance accessible and affordable to all Cambodians.

In addition, the company has adopted an omnichannel approach providing customers with multiple options to purchase its insurance products using their preferred channels. Customers can seek advice from one of ACLEDA Bank’s 262 branches across the country, through the insurer’s consultants, or directly through its app/website, or a combination of these channels.

Most recently, the company is gearing up to launch its Insurance Selling Machine as the latest innovative solution the company has brought to the market. These machines are like kiosks which allow customers who may not have access to phone or internet especially in some areas to purchase insurance policies conveniently. The company will be rolling these machines out in several locations starting July.     

Investing in digital capacity 

Prudential has committed and invested in developing digital capacity in the financial sector of Cambodia through funding several initiatives launched by the Cambodia Association of Finance and Technology, as well as hosting student development programmes nurturing their digital concepts and skills.

The company was the title sponsor of the 2021 flagship CamTech Summit, showcasing Cambodia’s emerging and accelerating Fintech and Tech sectors with more than 75 local and international speakers.

Prudential also agreed to underwrite fees to access the cloud-based open Application Programming Interface Exchange platform after a landmark agreement was signed between the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network and CAFT.

The company’s flagship artificial intelligence-powered health and wealth management mobile app, ‘Pulse’.

The initiative is designed to help Cambodia’s FinTech sector to expand beyond payments and into consumer credit, wealth management, and health technologies.

“Prudential is a pioneer in digital health and insurance across Asia. We are proud to have played a key role in supporting the development of digital capabilities in Cambodia throughout the year,” commented Sanjay Chakrabarty.

To ensure Cambodia has the workforce to drive this digital transformation, Prudential hosted its Pulse Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for 30 university students from seven universities in August 2021. Students had the opportunity to learn basic AI concepts, acquire new skills and ignite their passions to pursue a career in the tech and innovation field.

Investing in Cambodia’s community

As a responsible corporate citizen, Prudential also invests in Cambodia and its future by financing critical infrastructure projects, as well as partnering with development and humanitarian organizations.

The company has invested $5 million for the construction of Techo International Airport in Kandal Province. The investment will both increase future public sector infrastructure issuances and help accelerate Cambodia’s tourism sector growth.

Prudential has also partnered with one of the world’s leading development and humanitarian organizations, Plan International, to implement the Safe Steps initiative in Cambodia by providing pedal-operated handwashing stations to bolster Cambodia’s pandemic resilience.

The airport bond deal was signed by Mr. Charles Vann, Director of Cambodia Airport Investment and Mr. Sanjay Chakrabarty, Chief Executive Officer, Prudential (Cambodia) Life Assurance PLC.

The Safe Steps initiative also partnered with non-governmental organization AIP Foundation to reduce road trauma by funding a proven integrative approach which includes, youth and parents’ education, teacher capacity building, high-quality helmet distribution, school zone modification, and community-driven awareness programs.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, Prudential is proud to contribute to the development of Cambodia as well as assisting to address community issues. We hope to continue the good work and are keen to see the strong results with our community together,” said Sanjay Chakrabarty.

With the company’s inclusive product offerings, talent development and continued community investment, Prudential Cambodia helps Cambodians protect and secure their financial futures through different facets of their everyday lives. To read more about the company and its 2021 results click here.

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