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ID Investors Association and ID Capital pitch business opportunities to Malaysian investors

ID Investors Association and ID Capital pitch business opportunities to Malaysian investors

Harrison White

The Innovation and Development investors Association (IDI) and ID Capital PLC (IDC) have pitched several investment opportunities to a touring group of Malaysian investors at the firm’s headquarters.

The investor presentation was led by Chairman of the Board Mr. Hor Sereyvath and brought together 28 Cambodian investors and 16 Malaysian investors.

Mr. Hor Sereyvath, Chairman of the Board of Directors gives his investment pitch.

Their pitch included nine types of businesses to present the economic situation and investment opportunities in Cambodia, focusing on industry, health, parks, construction, finance, food & beverages, and tourism.

The meeting between Malaysian investors and the ID Investors Association and ID Capital marked the beginning of a joint venture and the exchange of information on mutual research to increase investment between the two countries.

The investment group welcomes Malaysian investment

Mr. Hor Sereyvath, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said the IDI & IDC aims to focus on investing in key sectors such as real estate, services and agriculture, which are the backbone of Cambodia.

“On behalf of the IDI / IDC leadership, I warmly welcome the interest of Malaysian investors in Cambodia on this occasion,” he said.

“Given that the economic situation in Cambodia is improving now the Covid-19 pandemic is under control, the runways and roads are predictable and we hope the investment opportunities will be better,” he added.

Representatives for the Malaysian investors said they were looking at the potential of investment in Cambodia, especially the open status for foreign investment.

The meeting also featured one-one networking opportunities.

“We will bring the information gained from this study to Malaysian investors to seize investment opportunities in Cambodia and prepare to invite IDI members to visit businesses in Malaysia. We are confident that we will be able to invest in Cambodia in the future after studying with IDI / IDC,” they said.

Established in 2021 the IDI / IDC aims to be the leading investor hub in Cambodia by building a strong investor network to leverage local expertise and resources in sourcing investible projects and achieving a high return on investment.

The group has $1.72 million in capital with 101 members with a total of 19 projects in their investment portfolio focused on real estate, agriculture and services.

Malaysia a strong investor in Cambodia

Malaysian investors have been a driving force since the 1990s in Cambodia, considered first-generation investors when the Kingdom opened up to international trade and began rebuilding its economy.

Cambodia is considered a choice destination for Malaysian investors with three of the most favorable aspects being: a dollarized economy, 100% business ownership for foreign investors and no capital control.

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28 Cambodian investors and 16 Malaysian investors attended the meeting.

Since 1994, the Council for the Development of Cambodia has approved a total of 162 qualified investment projects from Malaysia with an approximate investment value of $3.15 billion.

Cambodia has recorded a cumulative total of $41 billion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since 1994. The figure has more than doubled since 2014 when it was recorded at $19.2 billion in the first-ever FDI survey conducted jointly by the National Bank of Cambodia and the National Institute of Statistics.

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