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AmCham’s Education Advocacy Committee focuses on a pathway to recovery from COVID-19

AmCham’s Education Advocacy Committee focuses on a pathway to recovery from COVID-19

Harrison White

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) has hosted a networking night for Cambodia’s education industry as the chamber’s flagship Education Advocacy Committee is increasing its activity centered on collaboration, best practices sharing, and initiatives for improving the system.  

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review after the industry networking event, AmCham President Anthony Galliano commented that he was delighted with the amazing success of the Education Advocacy Committee under the brilliant leadership of Casey Barnett.  

“There have been substantial areas of success including dramatically increased activity centered on collaboration, best practices sharing, and initiatives for improving the system. The committee is also now a community of educators that share common interests and ambitions, and that is promising for the advancement and development of the sector,” Galliano said.

“The social night, with 110 attendees, was an excellent example of how the sector can come together and work collectively,” he added.

Path to recovery after COVID-19

The Committee’s theme this year was “Education and the path to recovery from COVID-19” and they identified five goals for 2021-2022:

  • Establish contacts with government partners
  • Share best practices in online teaching and blended learning
  • Facilitate professional training development in the COVID-19 environment
  • Develop an internship program
  • Network among and between the education sector and other sectors

“AmCham seeks to have the best people for its key positions, whether on the Board or in Advocacy Leadership roles. Casey Barnett is one of the best there is in the education sector with a legacy of building CamEd from the ground up and delivering some of the best finance professionals into the market,” Galliano said.

“We are also fortunate to have him as our Board member and Treasurer. He has made a tremendous impact and we believe the best is yet to come from him,” he added.

AmCham’s Education Advocacy Committee President Casey Barnnet.

Casey Barnett is also President of the CamEd Business School (CamEd) specializing in teaching accounting and finance and is a primary source of new hires for major auditing firms in Cambodia.

The school works closely with the National Accounting Council of Cambodia and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to provide internationally recognized examinations.

Most recently CamEd hosted thirty-five students from various universities across France combining both higher education study as well as intern placements with some of Cambodia’s leading firms.

To read more about the school and its international placement program click here.

AmCham continues its strong membership drive

The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham) has hit a record membership number of 215 paid-up companies.

The chamber offers six membership options for companies ranging from Platinum to Start-Up packages providing a range of benefits from event participation, joining committees, and voting rights.

The education industry networking event.

While all members must demonstrate an American connection this can be through American customers, suppliers, employees, or partners, effectively all open sources and nationalities are welcome.

To read more about AmCham’s record membership announcement click here.

Founded in 1996, AmCham is an independent non-profit membership organization of both American and Cambodian companies that share a connection to American commerce. Our role is to support our Members’ growth and success.

AmCham businesses play an important role in the Kingdom’s story of economic development and are a leading voice in Cambodia’s international business community.

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