Cambodian and European tech sector’s ready for collaboration

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European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham) and the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) have signed an agreement to support European digital and tech companies in Cambodia as well as provide services and training to strengthen the country’s digital transformation.

Key initiates of the agreement include leading a working group being formed to add value to industries pushing for tech adoption, facilitating internships within the Kingdom, as well as acting as a bridge between the program and the private sector. 

As part of the agreement, EuroCham will provide 50 hours of training for CADT students as well as host networking events, SME training workshops, and conferences in order to help boost the sector. 

CADT’s Institute of Digital Research and Innovation (IDRI) also announced that they would be partnering with EuroCham to host breakfast talks on digital initiatives and establish a private-sector advisory board to research potential future projects. 

HE Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.

Other areas of cooperation included an online training academy being added to the EuroCham website, as well as careers fairs and the IDG assisting EuroCham in offering advice on e-governance in Cambodia from a private sector perspective.  

CADT is a national flagship research and education institution for Digital Technology and Innovation, which aims to nurture local talent within the tech sector, as well as help, drive Cambodia into becoming a “digital society”. 

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Real cooperation between academy and industry 

HE Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications commented on the agreement stating: “The MoU between CADT and EuroCham is a good illustration of real cooperation between academy and industry. This cooperation not only promotes the digital transformation of enterprises but also contributes to the development of digital talents through a work-based learning program. 

“This program will allow students to get hands-on experience that provides them with work-ready skills required by the industry and improves their employability for the current and future job market,” he added.

Mathew Tippets President of La French Tech Phnom Penh and Chairman of Digital Technology and Development at EuroCham.

CADT President Sopheap Seng said: “Digital innovation is a cross-cutting and sectorial topic challenging local and international companies alike. Partnering with EuroCham to drive digital transformation and increase competitiveness is a natural step. It fosters cooperation between our research and development teams, enabling more tailored services and most importantly creates new opportunities for our young digital talents.”

“We are also excited to bring our ecosystem together with EuroCham members to raise awareness and create new initiates, such as career fairs and technology promotion events. One highlight I’m really excited about is called the 50 program. EuroCham members will spend 50 hours with our students in the form of workshops and seminars to close the skill gap and boost insights on both ends,” he added.

Developing Cambodia’s digital ecosystem

Mathew Tippets President of La French Tech Phnom Penh and Chairman of Digital Technology and Development at EuroCham said: “This MOU is the first step in a synergistic partnership between EuroCham and the CADT, whereby our members can share their knowledge and expertise with CADT students while also working much closer on training initiatives, internships, and recruitment. We are very honored and enthusiastic about this opportunity.”

Tom Hesketh, Deputy Executive Director of EuroCham.

Robert Hor, Advisor for Startup and SME Development commented: “The digital ecosystem is booming in Cambodia. Industry 4.0 concepts will help connect the missing building blocks by using data out of silos and hence make smarter business decisions. It goes beyond manufacturing and will connect processes and value chains of all sectors.” 

“Using the right tools and having a strategy will be paramount for not missing out on the opportunity of data-driven and automated businesses. We are also excited to bring our ecosystem together with EuroCham members to raise awareness and create new initiates, such as career fairs and technology promotion events,” he added.

Tom Hesketh, Deputy Executive Director of EuroCham reflected on the agreement stating he hoped that the signatory of this MoU would lay foundations for the improvement of the digital and technology industry in Cambodia, and specifically for the continued transformation of the Cambodian economy.

Cambodia’s Digital Economy and Society Policy Framework 2021-2035, as well as the Cambodian Digital Government Policy 2022-2035, which focus on the vision of “Building a Digital Government to improve the quality of life and confidence of the people through better public service”.

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Over 200 guest attended the signing event.

Following the MoU signing attendees were then given the chance to talk to several local tech start-ups who were running booths at the event. These booths showcased some of the major success stories within the country and included household names such as Nhum24, as well as newer projects such as employment-based company Careers Finder among others. 

The event was the first part of a number of other events taking place over the next few days, which include a Startup Ecosystem Conference, as well as the French-Cambodian Business Forum.

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