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Prudential Young Trailblazers launch flagship innovation and entrepreneurship competition

Prudential Young Trailblazers launch flagship innovation and entrepreneurship competition

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A flagship innovation and entrepreneurship competition Prudential Young Trailblazer (PYT) is seeking Cambodian university students to apply for the chance of securing up to $20,000 of funding to bring their business ideas to life. The competition has cash prizes as well as awarding certificates of excellence to those involved.

The competition which began in 2018 in Singapore has now open to university students across the globe. Registration is open from until the 17th of June and the competition kicks-off on the 6th.

To participate in the program students must form a group of between two to five people who may be students from different universities. The competition is open to full-time university students with both undergraduates and post-graduates welcome. To register for the competition, click here.

By participating in the Prudential Young Trailblazer initiative, young Cambodian innovators and students will gain greater business exposure and network with like-minded innovators, receive mentorship from Prudential leaders and experts, and gain access to internships and career opportunities at Prudential.

Prudential Cambodia developing the next generation

“The Prudential Young Trailblazer is a flagship initiative for Prudential and provides a fantastic opportunity for students in Cambodia and around the world to turn that business idea into a reality,” said Prudential Cambodia Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Chakrabarty.

“In addition, students who join the competition will also be able to learn more about Prudential and the possible career opportunities that we offer in the rapidly developing insurance sector,” he added.

Cambodia’s rapidly growing insurance sector is riding the wave of digitalization as demand for digital and soft skills in the workplace grows, companies in the sector are looking for upcoming graduates to fill this gap.

Prudential Cambodia Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Chakrabarty.

Prudential Cambodia is one of the companies championing this shifting dynamic with the life insurance company hosting discussion and workshops for students to offer advice on how to best equip themselves for the digital workplace.

Instead of relying on bosses for instruction and slowly accruing experience, Prudential is focused on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and empowering new employees to take the lead in solving problems. To read more about the opportunities for graduating students with Prudential Cambodia click here.

Magdalene Loh, Head of Innovation at Prudential Singapore who is leading Prudential’s open innovation programmes globally said that: “The competition is designed with a strong training and mentoring focus, where teams can tap into the expertise and experience of Prudential’s global teams to bring their ideas from design to delivery. We look forward to co-creating solutions with this inaugural Gen Z cohort.”

Turning ideas into reality

The Royal Cambodian Government has earmarked a major factor for Cambodia to achieve its ambitious aim of becoming an upper-middle-income nation goal by 2030 and match regional neighbors Thailand and Malaysia.

For Cambodia, the digital transformation is about adopting and capturing, and maximizing the benefits of advances in Information and Communication Technology and digital technology to increase productivity and economic efficiency, boost the national economic growth.

To develop Cambodia’s economy, the government has introduced a series of inter-institutional policies and measures, including the Cambodian Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025, small and medium enterprise development policy, measures on SME incentives, the launch of an online business registration platform, support mechanisms in the form of funds and institutions.

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