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Phillip Bank links up with Singapore Medical Centre Cambodia to raise cancer awareness in Cambodia

Phillip Bank links up with Singapore Medical Centre Cambodia to raise cancer awareness in Cambodia

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Cambodia’s only Singaporean-owned commercial bank, Phillip Bank, has teamed up with the Singapore Medical Centre (SGMC) Cambodia to help raise awareness of cancer. 

SGMC hosted a health talk at their facilities in Phnom Penh from 9am -11am  on Saturday, April 30th. It includes highly informative and beneficial presentations by two specialist doctors from Singapore as keynote speakers.

Dr. John Chia who shared from his experience as an expert in immunotherapy for cancer treatment, and Dr Choo Su Pin who discussed liver cancer diagnosis and treatment. Both speakers are from the prestigious Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

Singapore Medical Centre

Mount Elizabeth Hospital, known colloquially as “Mount E”, is a 345-bed private hospital in Singapore operated by Parkway Health that was first opened in 1979. It was the first hospital in Singapore to perform open-heart surgery and is seen as the most highly regarded hospital within the city-state.

Phillip Bank and SGMC team up

Phillip Bank and SGMC first teamed up in 2020 to provide exclusive medical benefits to its priority banking customers, which includes a free annual health checkup and various special offers related to medical care.

Singapore Medical Center (SGMC) Cambodia was born of a desire to deliver Singapore standards of medical excellence to the people of Cambodia. The medical centre provides private medical healthcare and also serves corporate clients such as Phillip Bank.

In 2018 there were almost 12,000 cancer-related deaths in Cambodia, making it one of the leading causes of death in the country. Despite rapid economic growth, the health sector within the Kingdom still needs significant investment and expertise to improve the quality of medical care, with Singapore being long admired for its healthcare system.

Dr. Tan Sulin, SGMC Resident Doctor said “Both Phillip Bank and SGMC are companies with roots in Singapore, so we want to bring in experts from the country, specifically for cancer treatment for our customers”.

“Knowledge of cancer is still minimal in Cambodia, with very little being known on how to diagnose and treat the disease, which is why we wanted to run this event,” she added.

Priority banking for Phillip Bank customers

Phillip Bank has invited its priority banking customers, known as Phillip Priority members, to attend the event on April 30th, providing an additional benefit for those already signed up as Phillip Priority members.

Phillip Bank Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chan Mach, said: “It is our bank’s vision to be the leading provider of superior banking services within Cambodia, which we feel is fully demonstrated through our priority banking program”.

“At Phillip Bank, we take great pride in recognizing and rewarding our most valuable customers with a number of unique and exciting services that improve their quality of life aside from just banking,” said Mr. Mach.

Phillip Priority is the bank’s exclusive membership privilege program, which in addition to the aforementioned medical benefits also offers a special ATM card recognizing customers as a Phillip Priority members, access to priority lounges at Phillip Bank’s selected branches, access to airport lounges in 12 countries as well as exclusive offers on their banking products and services.

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