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Phillip Bank Gets Ready for Its First Giveaway of Lucky Prizes

Phillip Bank Gets Ready for Its First Giveaway of Lucky Prizes

Phillip Bank launched its giant giveaway promotion three months ago – and the big day is finally approaching! All Phillip Bank customers are eligible for the first round of prizes to be awarded to lucky winners on 16th May.  Since early February, eligible customers have been signing up to earn the chance to win the Bank’s lucky prizes:  26 2022 Honda Dream motorbikes, 26 iPhone 13 Pro Max 256G, and 26 Giant Talon bikes, and the ultimate grand prize: a luxurious new 2021 Lexus 570 Kuro Black Edition, which is on display at Phillip Bank’s head office on Monivong Boulevard.

As part of Phillip Bank’s Save & Win promotion, to be eligible, customers just need to open an account at Phillip Bank and deposit $1,000 to get various benefits and the chance to win a prize. The first round of the lucky draw will be held in the morning of 16th May at Phillip Bank’s head office and will be streamed live on the bank’s Facebook page. 

There are still more opportunities to win! Those who open an account with the bank from early April until the end of July will be eligible for the second and third rounds of prizes which will be given away in July and September. 

How can I get a ticket?

Tickets for the first round of the lucky draw next month are given in advance to all customers who deposited at least $1,000 with Phillip Bank from early February until the end of March 2022. Eligible customers can get their lucky draw tickets by visiting any of Phillip Bank’s nearest branches where the staff is ready to assist them in printing the ticket number for verification. Tickets for the first round are available from 02nd May 2022 onward, so customers should act quickly to check their lucky draw ticket! 

In the first round of the lucky draw on 16th May, the prizes which will be awarded to the bank’s lucky customers are: five 2022 Honda Dream motorbikes, five iPhone 13 Pro Max 256G, and five Giant Talon bikes. 

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review, Phillip Bank management said the bank is receiving tremendous support and interest in this special promotion from the public. This can be seen through the deposits from new customers exceeding the bank’s target, demonstrating the growing trust of customers in Phillip Bank’s financial products and its friendly, convenient service.

Mr. Lee Yong Man, Chairman of the Deposit Growth Committee explained: “The raffle is a fantastic opportunity for Phillip Bank customers to be rewarded for their commitment and trust in Phillip Bank products and services.”

“Such support has generated great excitement as Phillip Bank looks forward to delighting our customers during our schedule of three lucky draws over the next few months. And we are so pleased that the big prize, the Lexus 570, is very close to finding the final winner,” Mr. Lee said.

Who are Philip Bank?

Phillip Bank Plc offers a wide range of financial services and products catering to Corporate, SME and Retail customers. The Bank is a member of PhillipCapital Group which is headquartered in Singapore and established since 1975. After the merger with Kredit MFI in early 2020, Phillip Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Cambodia in terms of branch network, with more than 80 branches throughout the country. 

Over the last couple of years, the bank has been focusing on its digitalization strategy and this can be seen through the continuous introduction of various digital products designed to make banking a more pleasing experience for its customers, including the revamped Phillip Mobile application, virtual Mastercard, onsite and online account opening, internet banking, and many more convenient digital services. The bank will also soon launch its flagship loyalty program to better serve the bank’s customers across all its banking products and services as well as to promote a greater and wider acceptance of digital payments. 

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